Gulliver’s Land, a family day out

We have done lots of cheap and cheerful activities this summer – like picnics, trips to the park and country walks. As an extra holiday treat we splashed out on a family trip to Gulliver’s Land, Milton Keynes. I’d got the idea for this day out from a fellow blogger Becky over at Pinks Charming who recently blogged about her day out at Gulliver’s Land. Gulliver’s Land was a great choice for us as it is specifically designed for young children. We were really excited to check it out.

Great for younger children
Gulliver’s Land is a very manageable size. It was easy to find the rides we wanted to go on and everything was within easy walking distance. We went to Gulliver’s on a Friday in the middle of the summer holidays so it was fairly busy. Even so we found that the queues for the rides were quite manageable. Some rides we went on straight away with hardly any waiting. When we did queue the longest wait was about 15 minutes. This is a big plus when you have little kids who are not massively patient!

There are a lot of rides that appeal to younger children. The boys (aged 5) really enjoyed little cars that they can pretend to drive around a track. Sam loved the spinning balloon ride. Leo’s favourite attraction was the River ride a gentle lap around a little water channel. There is a train ride around the park which everyone enjoyed. The train did a lap around the edge of the park we did this just after we arrived so we could get our bearings. The carousel was also a big hit with all the kids.

More adventurous rides are the runaway train, the Python Roller Coaster, the Log Flume and a big tower drop ride. Sofia’s favourites were the flying carpet ride, the big water slide and a spinning castle ride. I think children over 12 or 13 might find the rides at Gulliver’s Land a little too tame.

Height restrictions?
Children over 90 cm are able to ride on most attractions although children under 110 cm had to be accompanied by an adult. The boys are both under 110 cm and most of the rides took 4 people per carriage. As a family of five we needed to figure out the logistics of going on the rides. Rolando generally took Sam and Sofia (who was big enough to ride without an adult). I rode separately with Leo.

This trip to Gulliver’s Land really highlighted the twins different temperaments. Even though the boys are identical twins they can be so totally different. Sam was such a daredevil! He wanted to go on everything! Leo on the other hand didn’t want to go on anything!

The park is separated into different sections like Adventure Land, Main Street and Lilliput Land each with a different theme. The kids liked exploring the different areas and there were some nice little decorative details in each area. Gulliver’s Land opened in 1999 and there are bits of the park, like the toilets and the food hall are looking a bit dated. The castle in the middle of the park is a big food hall inside. We popped in to buy ice creams rather than have a meal there. The food options looked a bit limited (anything with chips!) Although I was impressed that you could buy Costa Coffee.

Is it good value?
A trip to a theme park is always quite expensive for a family of 5. We booked our tickets to Gulliver’s Land online. We booked our tickets 2 days in advance and paid £16.95 each – £84.75 for our family of 5. In comparison tickets for the 5 of us booked online and in advance at other attractions would cost the following:

Alton Towers = £185
Chessington World of Adventure = £170
Drayton Manor = £115

We spent a full day at the park arriving at about 11.00 am and staying until 5.00 pm and between us we went on a lot of rides. We brought a picnic with us so the only extra that we paid for during the day were ice creams and coffees. I’d say overall the day was good value.

We will definitely go back to Gulliver’s Land. There is a JCB digger section under construction at the moment that looks really cool. It opens later in 2017. There were some extra areas that we didn’t have time to visit like the Dinosaur and Farm park and the Splash Zone (you need to pay extra for these parts of the park).

Overall we had a really fun day at Gulliver’s Land. We got to spend lots of family time together having fun. We all found rides and attractions that we enjoyed. The kids were absolutely shattered and fall asleep in the car on the way home – always a bonus!

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