Our Halloween family photos 2016 – Pokemon dressing up

Happy Halloween! I’m really happy today, it’s my birthday, it’s Halloween and it is the final day of my Blogtober Challenge. I am really excited to share our 2016 Halloween family photos today. People who know that I love a bit of a dressing up theme for Halloween and we have a collection of Halloween family portraits.  In 2015 we did cartoon characters.  All our previous years themes are here . My favourite are the Toy Story ones!  We don’t really do scary themes but go with things that the kids will like.

I’m totally capitalising on the kids being young and still quite happy to dress up and look silly. This year we have gone for a Pokemon theme! The kids are Pokemon crazy and so they thought of the idea. If you haven’t been taken over by all things Pokemon here’s a little explanation of our costumes.

Sam and Leo are Squirtle a little turtle character – they insisted on having the same costume!  Sofia is Eevee who is a sort of fluffy fox like creature. Rolando is Ash who is a Pokemon trainer and I am Pikachu!


I made the little turtle outfits and Sofia’s Eevee fur accessories (mine and Rolando’s are down to a bit of internet shopping).


Sam lying down showing off this turtle shell.  I’m really pleased with how the turtle costumes turned out.  The shell is made from felt with a bit of toy stuffing inside.  The front section is made from yellow felt.  The patterns on their outfit are drawn on with a t-shirt marker.


Last year the boys were not as keen to have their photos taken this year they were completely into it.  The only problem was trying to get them to take the costumes off again.


Me and my beautiful Eevee!

rolando-sam-and-leoRolando doing a twin lifting work out! (Leo is on the left and Sam is on the right)

Do you love dressing up for Halloween?



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