Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! People who know us will know that we absolutely love dressing up for Halloween. We started doing costumes when Sofia was little. It has evolved into a family tradition where we have a theme for everyone’s outfits. The kids don’t like anything scary so we go for fun and cute costumes. You can check out our previous year’s photos, my favourite are the Toy Story and the Flintstones costumes.

It is getting a bit tricky now the kids are older as they are much more opinionated about what they want to wear. We had a moment today when Leo didn’t want to join in. As soon as everyone else was dressed up he changed his mind. I didn’t even bribe him with Halloween sweets.

This years theme was Emojis. Sofia loves all things Emoji and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make Rolando dress up as a poop!

As always my costume making skills are a lot better than my photography.  Apologies that the quality of these pictures are not great. Even so I love them and we had fun taking them.

We have never actually been trick or treating. Sofia really wanted to go this year.  Halloween is also my birthday and I really wanted to go out for dinner.   There just wasn’t really time to fit in trick or treating as well.

Leo getting into the spirit of things after initially being a bit reluctant to get dressed up.

Sofia is totally obsessed with Emojis.  I’m going to recycle the costumes to make decorations for her bedroom wall.

Do you love dressing up for Halloween?  I’d love to see your Halloween photos over on the Twins Make Five Facebook page.

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