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Village fun run 2015Hello my name is Sarah.  I’m married to Rolando and we have three beautiful children.  Sofia who is seven and three year old identical twin boys called Sam and Leo.

I would describe our family life as happy chaos.  I aspire to be a stylish, domesticated, super woman.  In reality my days are more odd socks and spilt juice mixed with laughter and glitter glue!

With three kids, a part time job and a family business to run we just do the best we can to get through each day with our sanity and sense of humour intact.  The idea of this blog is to be honest about the moments of triumph and disaster that come along with being our family of five.

I’d love to hear from you.  You can get in touch on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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    1. Just realised I need to press a button to get comments to show! Thank you always happy to help you out too. X

  1. Hello fellow mum of five, you have inspired me. I spent today putting some words down on my blog page that I started 2 years ago.

    1. Thank you Pamela! That is great to hear, what is the address of your blog and I’ll take a look?

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