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Is there anything better on these cold evenings that snuggling up with a good book or catching up on some great TV?!  We have mostly been watching box sets but there are a couple of current shows that we are enjoying.  I mainly read non fiction books but this month I have also discovered some great novels.

Here’s my top TV and book picks for this month.

Will and Grace, Channel 5, Friday 10.00 pm
Will and Grace is my favourite TV show at the moment. The American comedy originally ran from 1998 to 2006. I was surprised when I heard that they were making a new series. I thought it might end up being a pale imitation of the original. I am very happy that they have absolutely nailed it. I’m loving my Friday night fix of Will, Grace, Karen and Jack. The first episode had a little bit of a satirical edge as Will and Grace visit the Trump Whitehouse.

Miriam’s Great American Adventure, BBC1, Wednesday, 9.00 pm

I love Miriam Margolyes! This show sees her exploring the contradictions that make up modern USA. I’m also fascinated by all things American. Add to this Miriam’s curiosity and honesty and you get TV gold. There was something incredibly charming about this older woman chatting with hardened gang members on Chicago’s South Side. I was really touched at her conversation with female jail inmates. She tearfully urges a young mum on her day of release not to end up in prison again.

You can catch the first 2 episodes on BBC Iplayer. The final episode is on this Wednesday and sees Miriam meeting passionate Trump supporters and interviewing a member of an alt-right group.

Anatomy of a Scandal, Sarah Vaughan

I’ve seen this book pop up on lots of must read lists for 2018. It has certainly got me gripped. The story is centered around a government minister and his wife and their seemingly charmed life. Things start to unravel when the husband is accused of a serious crime. Present day action is mixed with the characters back stories. There are some strong female characters in the mix too.

I’m about a third of the way through and in the midst of the drama of an Old Bailey trial. I sense there are some unexpected plot twists still to come. This novel feels really of the moment. It reflects the sexual harassment scandals that have unfolding in the last few months. It also highlights the disconnect between career politicians and the average person in the street.

Beasts of Olympus, Lucy Coats
I love finding great chapter books to read with Sofia at bedtime. Our current favourite series is Beasts of Olympus by Lucy Coats. We discovered them when Sofia’s was doing a school project on Ancient Greece. The narrator is a boy who looks after a stable mystical beasts. He has a different challenge to complete in each book.  I really like how these books take characters and events from Greek mythology and use these as the basis for each story. We have just started the third book called Steeds of the Gods. As a bonus I have improved my pub quiz knowledge of Greek Mythology!

What TV shows are you loving at the moment?  What should I read next?

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