Imperfect perfect Christmas

I would describe our Christmas Day as imperfectly perfect, a mixture of happy moments and slight mishaps. This pretty much sums up the rest of our life!

We take turns to host Christmas and this year we went to my mums. This is the first year that the boys are really aware of Christmas and he collective excitement of our 3 kids was infectious. I’d had to spent most of Christmas Eve trying to explain to Sam that it wasn’t Christmas Day and then most of the 25th trying to convince him that it was now Christmas Day. Sam randomly said merry Christmas and I love Christmas at intervals throughout the day.

Rolando was really not feeling well on Christmas Eve and I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t even make it to my parents house. We eventually hit the road with the car crammed with stuff. After about an hour driving Sam piped up “Leo where are we going?” The kids were very excited to see the Christmas lights en route. People’s tree lights near where we live are very tasteful, lots of subtle white twinkling. My home town is completely different – we love a nodding reindeer ensemble and a massive inflatable snowman.

Christmas Eve
We started a new tradition this year of opening a Christmas Eve box on the evening of the 24th. It had Christmas books, hot chocolate and marshmallows, new pyjamas, Chocolate and the Snowman and the Snow Dog DVD. We snuggled down together with fleecy blankets to watch the DVD. We’ll definitely do this again each year.

Christmas morning
We always go to church on Christmas morning. We arrived a bit late because we couldn’t find anywhere to park. The boys just couldn’t sit still through the service. Although they did make the people on the row behind us smile with their antics.

They always have Santa drop in at the end of the service to give sweets to the children. I would want danger money if I was this Santa as he gets completely mobbed by a crowd of kids. This year to keep it more under control the children were called up by age range and he had a minder with him. My mum was a bit misty eyed to see the boys meet Santa.

I thought I’d been really organised getting everything wrapped and packed into the car. I still somehow I managed to forget two of Rolando’s gifts.

There is nothing quite like opening presents with the kids n Christmas morning, they were so excited. Sofia’s favourite things were a set of shopkins figures and a shopkins annual (if you have a seven year old daughter you will definitely know what these are). She was also crazy about a fairy door. I’d only bought this on Christmas Eve after she’d seen it in a shop the day before. I’m so glad we made a last minute dash to get it. She is jumping up and down excited at the prospect of a fairy coming through the door and taking up residence in our house.

Sam loved a massive book that turned into a pirate ship. Leo found his soul mate in a tumbling, talking, laughing minion. It was driving the adults crazy within about half an hour!

Christmas 2015

Christmas lunch
The highlight of Christmas Day was seeing my family all together around the dinner table. My sister has had some long term health issues and it was great that she was well. This more than makes up for the mismatched chairs, burnt pigs in blankets and crackers that wouldn’t snap. It’s special to be with the people we love who are with us through all of life’s ups and downs. Once again the boys could not sit still and wriggled through the 3 courses.

Christmas lunch 2015

Post lunch relax
I love a post lunch walk but it was too rainy this year to go out. A day without running around outside meant that the boys were a bit hyperactive by the end of the afternoon. Rolando needed to go back to bed for quite a lot of the afternoon.

Our big TV highlight was snuggling up on the sofa to watch Stickman – even though Rolando and my dad both fell asleep. The kids were exhausted by bedtime – a sign of a great Christmas Day.

4 thoughts on “Imperfect perfect Christmas

  1. I love that time of Christmas day when the eating is finished, the presents opened and rubbish cleared away and you can just sit back and think ‘What a great day!’ Everyone is relaxed and sleepy and satisfied. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas day for your family 🙂

    1. Thank you. Hope you had a great Christmas too. We staggered out the present opening before and after lunch as the kids were getting a bit overwhelmed by it all and even had a few left to open in the following days which has been fun.

  2. That sounds like the perfect Christmas day to me! Excitable kids, family, fun, someone poorly (it happens EVERY year doesn’t it?!?!) and lots of food (and wine, naturally!) I’m glad you had such a lovely day and hope Rolando is feeling better xx
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    1. Thank you, hope you had a lovely day too. Sadly not much wine this year as my family don’t really drink (we may have to have some bubbly for New Year’s Eve instead).

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