Interviewing my kids

I thought it would be a fun to interview my 3 little monkeys (I’ve seen lots of people do this on Facebook).  Here for a bit of cuteness are their answers.

Sofia by henry moore statue

How old are you?

Leo: Big
Sam: A boy
Sofia: 7

When is your birthday?

Leo: October
Sam: October
Sofia: 6th August

How old is Mummy?

Leo: Big
Sam: A girl
Sofia: 36

What is your favourite colour?

Leo: Red
Sam: Blue
Sofia: Light blue

What is your favourite food?

Leo: Apple juice!
Sam: Apple juice
Sofia: Ice cream

Who is your best friend?

Leo: Sam
Sam: Leo (love that the boys are so close)
Sofia: Tom

Sam ice cream

What is your favourite song?

Leo: Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures
Sam: errrrrr I don’t know
Sofia: I love, love, love Little Mix!

What is your favourite animal?

Leo: Dinosaur
Sam: Elephant
Sofia: Penguin

What are your scared of?

Leo: Monsters
Sam: Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures
Sofia: Having bad dreams

What makes you happy?

Leo: A cat
Sam: Birds
Sofia: Doing something really fun

Where is your favourite place?

Leo: The zoo
Sam: India (We have never been to India!)
Sofia: Bury Lane Fun Barn

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Leo: A person (I love this!)
Sam: A big boy
Sofia: A fashion designer or a toy shop owner

Leo eating ice lolly

I’m going to do this again when the boys are a bit bigger – it would be interesting how their answers change over time.

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