It’s oh so quiet!

It’s 9.15 on a Saturday morning and the house is calm! This feels like a breakthrough moment. Our 3 kids woke up early as usual. However unlike many, many Saturday mornings before no one is fighting, breaking anything or causing chaos. There has been relatively little shouting. Often I let the kids watch endless cartoons to keep them from killing each other or destroying the house before I’ve had a cup of coffee. Today the TV hasn’t been on at all.

Instead Sofia is playing Scratch (an online computer coding game). The boys have been playing with Lego. They are now looking at a Monster High book and making up little stories for each other about the characters. I am having a hot cup of tea!

If I look around there are further signs that times are changing. For the first time in 9 years there is no pushchair next to our front door! I’m quite excited about reclaiming the hallway. There are no potties taking up too much space in our bathroom. I’ve just bagged up lots of jigsaws to take to the charity shop later.

Don’t get me wrong chaos will break out at some point but for now I’m enjoying this peaceful moment.

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