Kid chaos

When people ask me what I think the kids will be when they grow up the first thing that comes to mind is destruction testers. Their favourite thing in life is to make a mess. I know the theory that you are supposed to let your children get bored as it gives them the space to use their initiative and imagination. I have found this to be true. Unfortunately the boys first instinct to entertain themselves is to get into mischief. The boys do the normal mess making like tipping their toys and books everywhere. I’m sure most young children do that. Then they take it up a level to making a crazy mess. When the twins work together they can cause so much chaos in such a short space of time.

Sam spreading jam on the living room carpet!

In the space of about two days last week they accomplished the following:

  • Sneaked grapes out of the fridge* and squished them onto the kitchen floor
  • Stole tomatoes out of the fridge and threw them around the livingroom
  • Sneaked pineapple juice out of the fridge and tipped it onto the livingroom floor
  • Scribbled on the fridge door with biro and yellow crayon
  • Thrown marbles and Lego into the toilet
  • Squirted out all of the shampoo bottles into the sink
  • Squirted toothpaste on the living room door
  • Tried to clean the toothpaste off the living room door with a cushion
  • Thrown a tin of mackerel into a full bath of water
  • Painted sun cream onto the TV screen
  • Poured wee from the potty onto the living room carpet
  • Crumbled up half a packet of corn cakes and squished them onto the living room carpet
  • Pulled the handle off a cupboard
  • Broke the zip on our new tent
  • Poured a whole bottle of sun cream in their shoes
Walking on sunshine?!

*The fridge is a real battle ground since the twins learnt how to undo the child lock that used to keep it safe. I must say get out of the fridge 4000 times a day!

People keep telling me I will miss the little kid stage when the boys are all grown up into grumpy teenagers. I’m sure this is true but hopefully my house will be a lot cleaner!

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