Kids film picks of 2016

One of the things I love about having young children is the chance to watch lots of kids films. We have a monthly movie night with my daughter Sofia where we stay up late and have popcorn and watch a film together (we do it on the first Friday of every month so that we don’t forget). Over the years we have watched tonnes of kids films.

Kids film picks for 2016

Sofia chooses what we watch so we have covered a wide spectrum. Some of our favourites are:

  •  Mulan (the best kick ass Disney princess!)
  • Tangled (another great, feisty, nuanced Disney princess)
  • Home (the alien is beyond cute)
  • Inside Out (I’m obsessed with this clever, amazing film!)
  • It’s hard to choose a favourite from the classic Disney films but if pushed I’d go for Beauty and the Beast (it has a talking teapot, what’s not to love)

The weirdest film we have seen was A Monster in Paris.  It is about a giant, sensitive flea who  teams up with a glamorous singing sensation. It is very arty for a kids film and was really charming and original.

The worst kids film we’ve watched by a mile was Free Birds. It has a dire and confusing plot involving turkeys travelling back in time to stop Thanks Giving. I may have rested my eyes for a moment or two in the middle!

There are a couple of movie night films that have bombed.  For some reason Sofia decided that she didn’t like the Kung Fu Panda films.  She was scared by the opening scene of Box Trolls and wouldn’t watch the rest of it.

Taking Sofia to the cinema is a real treat that we haven’t had the chance to do many times. We took the twins to the cinema for the first time last month to see the Snoopy Movie. This is such a warm and feel good film and it is perfect for very young children as it has a very simple and fun plot (and there are absolutely no scary bits!)  I’m hoping we can have more family trips to the cinema as the boys get bigger.

I’m always looking out for new kids films that I think my kids will enjoy.  Here’s a little round up of the kids films that we are looking forward to in 2016. I’ve put them in order of release date so you can plan some cinema trips.

This film looks very cool! It is from the same people behind Frozen and Big Hero 6. In the states it is called Zootopia but for some weird reason they have changed its name for UK audiences. It is the story of a little bunny police officer (voiced by Gennifer Goodwin) trying prove herself and solve the mystery of the animals that have gone savage in the land of Zootropolis. Shakira pops up as a Gazelle and Idris Elba (officially the coolest man in the planet) plays the part of a police chief. It is in UK cinemas from 25 March, so not long to wait!  Here is a YouTube link to the trailer.

The Secret Life of Pets
The trailer for this is a massive hit in our house. My kids like to watch it on YouTube and find it hilarious. The film reveals what your pets do when you’re not home and tells the story of Max the dog and his owner Katie. It is made by the same people responsible for the brilliant Despicable Me films. It has a few famous faces among the cast including Kevin Hart as a little bunny. This film is in UK cinemas 24th June.  Here’s a link to the trailer.

This film is on the list because I can’t wait to see it! Sofia is currently reading the BFG book and it was one of my favourite Roald Dahl stories as a child. It is a DreamWorks production directed by the legendary Stephen Spielberg. It looks truly magical. When I showed Sofia the trailer for this film she thought it looked a bit scary. This makes me think it might be suited to children that are a little bit older (or less sensitive!).The UK release date is 22nd July.  Take a look at the trailer here.

Finding Dory
This is the long awaited sequel to Finding Nemo telling the story of friendly but forgetful Dory. Dory is voiced by the fab Ellen DeGeneres. Dory was such a fun character in the Finding Nemo movie I’m really looking forward to her getting her own adventure. I also spotted a voice credit for Idris Elba (Luther is going soft on us with two kids films in the same year!) I really hope that this film lives up to the high expectations.  The UK release date is 29th July.  Here is a link to a very tantalising trailer!

What are your favourite kids films?  Is there anything that you really want to watch this year?

11 thoughts on “Kids film picks of 2016

  1. My twinnies are big film fans, we love all of the Disney Pixar films, favourites are Toys Story movies, Frozen, Big Hero 6 and Inside Out. But both The Minions and Despicable Me films are firm favourites as is Home and Shaun the Sheep. In fact as I sit typing more and more are coming to mind, even Star Wars. We love a good film x

  2. I’m looking forward to the new films coming out I’ve recently purchased inside out.
    I love watching kids films even before having blake. Least I have more of an excuse now

  3. BFG is such a Classic and I remember reading this as a kid. I had no idea it had been made into a film though. Ah we like Free birds my little man loves watching it on Netflix.

  4. I am so super excited for The BFG. The trailer gave me chills, and it looks incredible. Although I loved Finding Nemo, Finding Dory just hasn’t appealled to me yet…

  5. I can’t wait to see BFG & finding Dory!! Mini M isn’t quite old enough for cinema yet and won’t sit through a while film, which is fine. He laughs at the minions when we’ve had despicable me on TV. I can’t wait to watch all the Disney films with him when he’s a bit older xx
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  6. The Monster in Paris is a really weird one! I totally agree. We would like to see Finding Dori and the new BFG movie. I’m sure John will be taking Sylvia somewhere in the coming days.

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