Lessons learnt last week

This week I’ve mostly been thinking “how is it November already”? The kids went back to school/preschool this week. We had a really nice break – especially from the hectic school runs and the never ending homework. However I am quite happy to be back into our normal routine. I really appreciated my 3 kid free mornings.

I thought I’d do a little round up of the lessons I’ve learnt this week.

Kids can be a little too honest sometimes!

Monday was parent/teacher consultation day. My chance to meet Sofia’s class teachers and see how she is getting on in key stage 2. There was lots of positive feedback. Sofia when asked what method she used to practice her weekly spelling dropped us in it by saying “We always forget to learn them so I just guess!”

If my daughter won an Oscar I would explode!

Sofia won a head teacher award certificate for effort – I was as happy as I’d be if she’d won an Oscar or a Nobel prize!

Don’t rest your eyes

We had a lovely end to the week with movie night where we let Sofia stay up late once a month. Sofia chose the Princess and the Frog. I rested my eyes for a brief moment in the middle and missed a tiny bit of the story!

Double check the invitation before you leave the house

The boys were invited to a birthday party for one of their preschool friends. It was only in the village so we set off walking in the rain. When we got there the village hall was locked and I realised that we were at the wrong village hall. It was a long, wet and very grumpy walk to get to the right place. It was a lovely party and the kids got over being late and soaked.

I need to rein n my nerves for my driving test

I have my driving test coming very soon and my driving lesson this week went really well. I’m mainly trying to perfect the manoeuvres. Reversing round a corner is my Achilles heal (I’m so willing this to not to come up on my test). I’m really worried that my nerves are going to get the better of me and need to find a way to keep them under control.

My kids watching fireworks restores my faith in human natureFireworks

I love watching fireworks even more so since having children. Seeing Sofia’s face seeing the fireworks is pure joy. We also took the boys to their first firework display. It made me so happy to see the wonder in their eyes.

We may live in England but my kids have South America in their genes

There was a Samba band at the firework display we went to and Sofia, Sam and Leo started spontaneously dancing along. They really are little Latinos!

I wonder what lessons the coming week will have in store……………..

18 thoughts on “Lessons learnt last week

    1. I’m going to start taking a photo of the details on party invitations to try and be a bit more organised (I once went to my friend birthday party a month too early and have gone to the wrong restaurant for a work party too!) I’ll keep you posted on the driving test, someone recommended I take Kalms tablets.

  1. I also have the resting my eyes habit…not always a good idea when you have a 5, 3 and 10 month old! Eeek! I am yet to experience being dobbed in by a child’s honesty. I am scared haha! xx
    Clare recently posted…6 month blogiversaryMy Profile

    1. I’m the worst for randomly falling asleep on the sofa these days! Sofia is way too honest – I went into her classroom one day and there was a display of pictures for what I did over the summer. Other kids had written about their holidays and going to the beach. Sofia had drawn a picture of our toilet and written about how we’d had the toilet replaced!

    1. Sofia gets tonnes of homework every week so something has to slide : ) Once I sit down on the sofa I’m the worst for falling asleep in front of the TV – I’d never make a good goggle box commenter!

    1. Thank you for your comment! The teacher was trying hard to keep a straight face – I suppose to her credit she does get most of them right.

    1. I’ve found a good app to do them on the IPad called spelling hangman (you type in and record the words and then you learn them by doing a hangman game). We use when I remember but we do usually forget.

  2. What a great week!! Your parents evening went pretty well!! Ours wasn’t that good as Bella apparently gets distracted very easily and that delays her work but when she is concentrate she can achieve a lot!! So I need to get her focus!! Well done Sofia for the Head Teacher Award Certificate. We are still waiting for one!! The invitations at Bella’s school are now e-cards so you have the events online so you can get all the information easily when you are on your way. This is the new generation!! LOL The fireworks was really good here too. Bella and daddy enjoyed it a lot!! I’m loving about your kids enjoying some samba!! We should meet one day with the kids. It could be fun!! 😉 xx
    A Moment with Franca recently posted…Fireworks Night!My Profile

    1. Thank you lovely. All of the previous parent consultations we have had something similar with Sofia that she is easily distracted and therefore doesn’t get enough work done so it was a lovely not to get this comment this time. That would be great for our kids to meet – we have a few latino friends here, get togethers are quite loud!

    1. Thank you – I know my kids have a way better social life than I do! I’ll do a post about my driving test once it is over – it could go either way!

    1. I’m going to start taking photos of the invitations so I wont loose them or get the info wrong again. I’m so dying to pass my driving test some of my lessons have been so frustrating! Me and my driving instructor are like a nagging old couple now.

    1. Thank you I’ll keep you posted on the driving – it has been a challenge! So desperate to pass now.

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