Living Arrows week 3/52

Welcome to this week’s Living Arrows post. For this project I’m going to be posting a photo of the kids each week that captures little everyday moments of their childhood. I’ve had so many lovely moments over the past week so it was tricky to narrow down today’s selection.  These photos are all taken spontaneously on my camera phone so they’re not the best quality images.

It went suspiciously quiet when I was taking a shower one morning. I discovered that the kids had climbed into the bunk beds together and Sofia was reading the boys Mr. Men books. It was such a calm moment and shows how caring Sofia can be towards her brothers. I just love it when the kids are spontaneously so kind to each other!

Is there anything more joyful as a kid than liking cake mixture off a spoon?! The children wanted to make chocolate muffins after tea one day. We made chocolate orange muffins with leftover Christmas chocolate. Baking with all of the kids together is usually pretty chaotic but they had fun. The muffins tasted incredible!

Once a week I have an hour to kill with the boys while Sofia is at her dance class. We’ve got into the habit of going to our local cafe for treats to keep out of the cold. I really look forward to our little cafe trip each week.  I love this photo of Sam as it really captures his cheeky, fun personality.

I’ll pop back next week with another set of weekly photos!

Living Arrows


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