Living Arrows, Week 5/52

Welcome to week 5 of the Living Arrows project. Every week I post a photo that
captures a little everyday moment of the kids childhood. The title comes from a
poem by Kahlil Gibran, ​“You are the bows from which your children as living
arrows are sent forth”​ .

It is time for my beautiful Sam to have his moment in the Living Arrows spotlight. This photo was taken on Sunday afternoon at Anglesey Abbey. Photo credit goes to Rolando!

We’d had a really quiet weekend and were feeling a bit stir crazy at home. We grabbed warm coats and wellies and headed outside. I love the look on Sam’s face in this photo. He was looking up at a big wooden Xylophone that hangs between the trees. I loved seeing him jumping up to try and hit the highest sections.

The kids really enjoyed running about and getting muddy. I loved seeing the snowdrops flowering. Spring is on it’s way!

Living Arrows

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