London Transport Museum, review

We were struggling to think of something to do with our 3 kids this rainy bank holiday weekend. We wanted to have a fun day out but our original plan of heading to the coast wasn’t looking very promising. My best friend suggested we visit the London Transport Museum having enjoyed it with my gorgeous God Daughter (who is nearly 3).

London transport museum

Value for money
I love Covent Garden and have been there many times however I’d never visited this attraction located in the corner of the Covent Garden Plaza. Entry for kids up to the age of 12 is free. As we had travelled to London by train we were able to get 2 for 1 entry tickets. To take advantage of this you need to either print off a voucher from the Days Out Guide website or pick up a voucher at the station. We only paid £17 for one full price adult ticket which also acts as an annual pass. I thought that this was amazing value for a London attraction.

The museum is set out over 3 floors covering different time periods. It is not massive but there is a lot to see in each section and we easily spent nearly 3 hours there including a stop for snacks in one of the cafés. You start on the top floor with the oldest exhibits and work your way down to the modern day. There is a stamp trail to follow with 13 numbered stations to find and punch a card with. Sofia particularly like this, she diligently searched out all of the stations.

It was a busy bank holiday afternoon when we visited but it didn’t feel overly crowded. The different items are well spread out and there is not a very set path to follow so we could go to areas that were free rather than feel that you were being funnelled along as a crowd. There was a little bit of queuing in some of the very kid focused areas but to a level that our two not very patient 3 year olds could handle.

Getting to play
The thing that we liked the best were the tonnes of hands on elements to keep the kids busy. I was impressed by the variety of things there were to do for example building the shape of a tunnel with blocks, looking through peep holes at miniature scenes, a computer game about tube tunnel construction, hats to try on, trains to steer, props to play with, buses and taxis to drive.

Taxi London Transport Museum

Climbing on things
The kids loved, loved, loved being able to climb on things. There are original vehicles to sit inside like an omnibus, a steam train carriage, an original tube train and some old London buses. There are also kid friendly versions of different vehicles like a tube train, a taxi, a bus and a boat. These were really bright and lovely looking. The kids tube train was a massive hit – it had a little repair section to crawl into, a steering joystick to play with and lots of buttons to press and knobs to turn.

Tube train exhibit at London transport museum

Factual Information
As we were with our extra lively people we didn’t really get a chance to take in too much of the factual information so I couldn’t really say that I learnt a lot. It would obviously be more informative if you visited without kids or with older children who paused long enough to read any of the information signs.

Child friendly touches
Other child friendly touches are the option to leave without going through the gift shop (the shop did look fab but would have inspired full on pestering). There was loads of space to leave pushchairs near the entrance. We found it quite hot inside, even though it was not very warm outside. We left all of our coats and jumpers with the pushchair (there is also a cloakroom).

Overall the museum was really well suited to our three year olds and seven year old. We had a great afternoon we headed home tired and happy. I would highly recommend the London Transport Museum for a fun and kid focused trip.

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  1. I remember going to the transport museum vaguely as a young teenager and not really enjoying it, but my boys would love it! We keep talking about taking them up to London on the train, we will definitely consider this for our day out! xx

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