Me after 3 kids

I often find myself amazed and slightly bewildered at how my life has changed since having 3 kiddos. I’m still the same me but boy my day to day life is pretty unrecognisable. Here’s a little round up of what I was up to as a teenager, in my twenties and now.


Things that I get excited about

  • As a teenager – a new Spice Girls song and a Top Shop bargain.
  • In my twenties – late nights with two for one drinks and Lazy Sundays.
  • Now – getting to wee unaccompanied and discovering an episode of Octonauts I haven’t seen yet.

Things that make me nervous

  • As a teenager – not looking cool enough in my glitter embellished denim.
  • In my twenties – could I afford a deposit to buy a house, how long I had left to pay on my student loan.
  • Now – my three year old uttering the words “Mummy I’m about to do a poo” when out in public and miles away from a public toilet.


  • As a teenager – running on the cross country team.
  • In my twenties – hitting the gym and trying out random exercise crazes and gadgets.
  • Now – walking to school and back 4 times a day and pushing a double pushchair miles and miles each week (officially the most effective workout of all time).

Things that make me laugh

  • As a teenager – messing around with my mates at the back of class.
  • In my twenties – drunken antics and live comedy.
  • Now – my son doing his wiggle bottom dancing (part grinding, part twerking) usually in his pants. Trying to do Zumba routines from YouTube with my daughter (we both suck but I find it hilarious).

What makes me proud

  • As a teenager – having a Saturday job in Boots.
  • In my twenties – having a proper job with a managerial job title and a company laptop.
  • Now – getting to the bottom of our laundry mountain, a day without any of my kids pissing somewhere inappropriate.

What I do to relax

  • As a teenager – bowling and the cinema with my school friends.
  • In my twenties – nights with cocktails and long pub lunches.
  • Now – drinking 3 sips of wine and falling asleep on the sofa (while attempting to watch a box set).

Do any of these things ring true to you? How has your life changed since having children?

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