Million Eyez

Anyone who knows my blog will know that photography is not really my strong point.  Most of my photos are snapped on my phone.  I’ve been looking around for some ways to make my blog photos look better.

I’ve stumbled across a fun website called Million Eyez.  The idea of the site is to connect photographers and bloggers.  You can upload your own photos to make a photobox to embed into your website.  There is also an option to upload a photobox created by another user and to use single photos.

I have had a little play around this morning.  It is really easy to use, even for me a somewhat technically challenged blogger!

I love this collection called “Only in Cuba” as it really captures the colour and spirit of this amazing country.  I visited Cuba with Rolando before we had children.  It is one of my favourite places in the world, both beautiful and fascinating!

I’m off to have an experiment to see what I can create!

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