Mini mummy meltdown

This morning is all about tissues and tea!  When I started my blog I decided that I would be very honest about my experience as a mum and include some of the less shiny happy moments.  In this spirit of honesty I can say this morning I had a mini mummy meltdown.  Bear with me if this is a bit of a self indulgent post!

I was in charge this morning (as Rolando had an early morning work commitment).  The kids were all tired.  Sam even snuck back into bed when I wasn’t looking.  There was a bit of “just get dressed shouting” on my part.  Despite this we got to school and preschool on time, with all the right kit.  So far so good.  


Just as the door to preschool opened Leo told me he didn’t want to go in.  He then clung to my hand and begged me not to leave him.  I tried to get him engaged in an activity but as soon as I got up to leave he started to cry.  This is really unlike him, apart from his first few days at preschool, he has never been reluctant to stay.  

Seeing Leo upset plus a build up of tiredness and general stress (about various things) all merged together into a feeling of being really upset and overwhelmed.  I walked home in tears.  It is  totally normal to have moments when as a parent you feel a bit crap – mine ambushed me unexpectedly this morning.

So here I am with tissues and tea.  I’m going to let myself feel a bit rubbish for a few moments.    I’ll cross a few things off today’s to-do list to give myself a bit of a break.   Then I will put the kettle on again, pull myself together and just keep going!

2 thoughts on “Mini mummy meltdown

  1. Aww hope your day gets better Sarah I have had a couple of times when Logan has run out of the classroom at school and the teacher had to block his way in the end. It was horrible, so I totally empathise but I bet he was fine as soon as you left x

  2. Poor you Sarah, I remember days like that with Freya and Ruaridh and it very very occasionally Freya would just not want to go to the very good and very same pre-school, and I think they have off days like the rest of us…but as you passed my door you should have rung the bell and we could have had tea and I could mop up the tears with you…don’t be alone when you feeling low xx My day turned around the other way, all good and then on way home from school Ruaridh hit Freya on her back because she was coughing following on from having a drink of water and then was consequently sick (just because it was always her coping strategy and had maximum effect!)…so got home put kids tea on then, went to wash Ruaridh’s coat in washing machine, and then clean the car (small amount goes along way!) and then clear up car seat mainly fluid and apple but in my book sick always smells like sick!) Then I go to get something from underneath our sink cupboard to find that there is lots of mould, and one of the sink tubes has become detached arghh so lots of black stuff and lots of clearing up…only just finished after two hours of being home Argh!! So just to reassure you we definitely all had pants days and mine was also today (possibly not as hard going though xx) Tomorrow is a fresh day remember that…and joy will bring tomorrow xx

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