Modern 12 days of Christmas

I thought the 12 days of Christmas could do with a little update to fit into the modern festivities.  Here’s my effort (to the tune of the original).

12 days of Christmas picture

Does this fit your modern Christmas – if you like it please feel free to share!

21 thoughts on “Modern 12 days of Christmas

    1. Thank you! If I get a moment I’ll try and make a design of this on Canva (although I’m a bit of a novice!)

    1. Think I was being a bit optomistic there – tipsyness might be frowned upon at the preschool Christmas party (especially at 9.30 in the morning!)

    1. I’m all about the sparkle – think I was being a bit optimistic with 10 parties (mine are mainly kiddie parties these days).

    1. Thank you! Think I as being a bit over optomistic with ten parties (unless you count the kiddie ones!)

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