My Christmas List with a Twist

My Christmas wish listI’ve seen lots of different gift guides and Christmas wish lists on other blogs. They’ve got me thinking about my own Christmas wish list. I’m really not a stuff person and find I’m even less into things as I get older. I can count the possessions that I really treasure on one hand. The real magical presents are things that money can’t buy. Here’s my magic Christmas wish list (heavily inspired by kids TV and films).


The tidying up creatures from Cinderella

Forget handsome Disney princes one of my favourite things about Disney movies are the little creatures that pop up and do chores. I’m thinking of the little birds in Cinderella and the mice that help her out with the housework. Some little helper creatures would be completely amazing! They could swoop in and clean up all of the everyday mess that happen in our house every five minutes (the dropped cereal, the spilt drinks and all of the rest).

Driverless car, like Herbie

I set myself a challenge this year to learn to drive. Sadly I failed my driving test recently. I am determine to keep on trying but it will have to be my goal for 2016 instead. In the meantime I’d love to have a car that can drive itself. Not a Google drone type of car but a really cute one with lots of personality like Herbie. This would get around my lack of driving license but it would also be fun to hang out with the family on the way to places.

Rosie the robot maid from the Jetsons

I’m slightly disappointed that the modern world is not like the Jetsons yet. I love the idea of flying cars and loads of house hold gadgets. Most of all I would love to have the robot house maid from this show. She could do all the cooking so I could spend the time playing with my kids. This would be so much better than the kids trashing the living room while I’m trying to make dinner (which happens daily).

Johnny Five reading ability (from Short Circuit)

I realise that this might not be the most well known film (a 1986 classic!) but I loved it when I was younger. The main character is a robot called Johnny Five. One of the things he can do is flick the pages of a book in front of his eyes really fast to read it (there must be you tube clips). I absolutely love reading but only get tiny pockets of time to do it so this kind of speed reading ability would be perfect.

Magic remote control

My life is happy chaos – days are noisy, busy and full on. There is always something happening, something that needs doing or somewhere we are rushing to. I’d love to press pause on my magic remote every so often to have five minutes of calm, just to breath, gather my thoughts and regroup. Or maybe I could use it to get myself an extra hour in the day that only I know about. That way I’d be able to keep on top of everything and to recharge a bit.

What would be on your magical Christmas wish list? Let me know in the comments section below.



14 thoughts on “My Christmas List with a Twist

  1. This is a great list, I’d love all these things too! I knew we were on the same page when you opened with house cleaning creatures, and I’m also a non-driver who’s hoping to rectify that soon but in the meantime it’d be wonderful to have a herbie instead of (or maybe as well as!) and obliging husband.
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  2. I absolutely love this list! I would very much like to have the magic remote control too and some little helpers!! 😀 xxx

    1. Thank you – a magic remote control would be amazing. I could also rewind and fix all our little mishaps and press pause on the boys tantrums!

  3. This is a great list, I could do with all those things. The reading ability would be fab! But then actually to have the magic remote would be the best thing… Then you could just press pause and read, sleep, write and just have sometime to yourself. Perfect! xx

    1. Time really is the gift that money can’t buy and probably the thing I wish I had more of even if it is just to catch up on the last 3 years of sleep debt!

    1. Thank you. They should switch from researching military functions for robots to making really amazing domestic ones!

    1. I would love a driverless car – I keep seeing things on the TV to say they are the thing of the future. Fingers crossed!

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