My dreams list

My husband and I wrote a dreams list many years ago of things we would like to do. Some of my dreams are individual and some of these are things I want to do with Rolando or as a family. We wrote it before we had children and made a few tweaks since.

Our list used to be on the wall in our previous house and we brought it with us when we moved to our current home. It lived on the back of our bathroom door and I looked at it most days. I realised this morning that our dreams list has disappeared. It was taken down when my husband installed new doors a couple of months ago and has somehow gone astray. We have literally lost sight of our dreams!

So with the help of my husband I have rewritten our dreams list. There might be a couple of items from our original list that I’ve missed. When the original paper turns up I’ll have a check. Although as these are the dreams we both remember they must be the things we truly want to do.

My Dreams List

Here’s our dreams list…….

  • Own a house in Ecuador
  • Get a dog
  • Run a marathon
  • Dance salsa in Havana
  • Build our own house
  • Learn to drive
  • Visit every capital city in Europe
  • Go to 5 big US cities (we’ve been to New York so 4 to go)
  • Stay in Italy for a month
  • Do charity work overseas
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Swim with dolphins
  • See a turtle in the wild
  • Take my family to Ecuador to meet Rolando’s family
  • Be great parents
  • Go camping
  • Take a tour of the UK (including visiting Cardiff and Edinburgh)
  • Take the kids to the Galápagos Islands

There a few that are specifically just for me

  • Be on a quiz show
  • Be an extra in a film
  • Go to the circus (because I never went when I was a kid)
  • Read a novel in Spanish
  • Get a tattoo
  • Be a published author (I have an idea about writing a non fiction book about twins)

Dreams we’ve realised
There are a few of these things we’ve ticked off the list over the years.

Dancing salas in Cuba

We had an amazing holiday to Cuba before we had kids. We found an amazing Salsa club in the back streets of old Havana. It took a few mojitos to get the courage to strut our stuff with the amazing Cuban dancers.

Running a marathon

Rolando ran the London Marathon in 2008 and we ran the London Marathon together in 2010.


We took the kids camping a couple of years ago. It was posh glamping rather than proper roughing it as the boys weren’t quite two at the time. It was an amazing memorable outdoorsy holiday.


Rolando can now drive but I’m still trying to get my driving license!

What do you dream of doing? Do you have any ideas how we can make our dreams happen?


21 thoughts on “My dreams list

    1. I have an idea for a tattoo design – two big stars and then a medium one and two small ones representing everyone in our family. I’m just a bit of a wimp and also need to research to find a good quality tattoo place. May be it could be for my next birthday!

    1. I’m not sure we would go back to live in Ecuador permanently but I’d love to be able to go for long stints (maybe escape the cold every February!)

  1. This is such a brilliant list! Some great things I would never have thought of, it’s inspired me to make one of our own. I have gone swimming with dolphins, but it didn’t really go like I’d planned – I had a bit of a panic attack and had to sit in the boat! Turns out I am actually quite scared of dolphins and open water, oops! I’d love to build my own house (well, design it and get someone else to build it!) xx
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    1. Hi Becky – this comment has really made me laugh, sorry the dolphins didn’t work out for you! S x

  2. Oh this is brilliant Sarah! My dreams would be to visit the Vatican in Rome and stay in Rome for a few days. I’d also like to visit Las Vegas for the weekend. Both without my girls, just with Mr B. My girls love staying at their Nan’s in Manchester so they would stay there 🙂
    Rachel (Lifeathomewithmrsb) recently posted…My hypnotherapy to do listMy Profile

  3. Amazing list! I really want to pass my driving test! I had lessons and did three tests when I was 18 but failed of the reverse around the corner each time! Then University, Buying a house, Getting married and having children all got in the way! I’m planning on having lessons again next month so I may be on the road by the end of the year hopefully! Good luck with your goals xxx

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