My Favorite Films

It’s day 9 of my Blogtober Challenge – phew! I can’t believe I have published a new post everyday since the beginning of October. My post title today is a really fun one “Favorite movies you never get sick of watching.”

It’s been hard to narrow this down as there are so many films that could have made the list. I’ve settled on these 4 classics…….

My Favorite Films

The Sound of Music
I love this film. I must have seen it at least 10 times. It appealed to me when I was little because I wanted to be one of the kids who got to hang out with Maria, it looked such good fun. I will happily sing along to all of the songs. My kids are probably a little bit young to appreciate it yet. It is also quite long so they wouldn’t be able to concentrate for long enough. But I hope to win them over when they are a older.

Life is Beautiful
Oh this film is just so amazing! It could be quite depressing as it is set in a concentration camp during the Holocaust but it feels optimistic and positive. The tagline of the film was “An unforgettable fable that proves love, family and imagination conquer all”. It definitely speaks to me as a parent capturing that sense that I would go to the ends of the earth to protect my children. It won a few Oscars and very deservedly so. The ending gets me every single time.

Forest Gump
Surely this is one of the best films ever made?! Tom Hanks is amazing as Forest. I am rooting for him every step of the way. I love the variety of the story and all of the different stages that Forest goes through. I can happen across it on the TV and start watching it at any point (I usually hate starting a film part way through). My favorite scene is the bit with the fountain in Washington when he is reunited with Jenny. Pass the tissues!

Finding Nemo
This is my kids favorite Disney film and we have watched it on many rainy afternoons. I could recite every line! I never get sick of it. I think it looks beautiful especially the scene where the sting ray flies over the coral reef at the beginning. I have a real soft spot for forgetful Dory. Maybe because I’m a bit of a Dory when I haven’t had enough sleep and before I’ve had coffee to get me going!

What would make your favorite film list?


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Films

  1. I love all of these apart from Life if Beautiful, which I have never seen. I do find The Sound of Music drags a bit, I tend to turn it off after they do their concert at the end to be honest! Love it up to then though. I think my favourite film would have to be Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I know it’s a terrible film but I absolutely love it – I must have watched it a few hundred times and know every word, ha ha. xx
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