My Happy List

“Everyday may not be good but there’s something good in everyday”. I really do think this is true, especially in the chaos of living with little kids. When I look for them there are tiny fab moments in everyday. I really want to make sure that I take a moment daily to look for the good stuff.

I’ve found a cool new app called HappyFeed that is helping me with my happiness habit. It is really simple, it prompts you every day to record 3 things that made you happy. You can also look back on the happy moments that you have already recorded. I’ve been using it for the last month and am totally loving it. Having a daily check in really makes me look for the great moments that it would be easy to miss, especially when I’m busy or having a stressful day. I thought it would be fun to share the last week of my happy list.

Day 1

    • The relief that there was not too much traffic on my drive to work and getting to the office more quickly than I had expected
    • Sharing chocolate cake for my colleagues at work
    • Getting my creative on making Halloween costumes – really happy with how they turned out

Day 2

  • Sofia rushing into my room to wish me happy birthday
  • Receiving such gorgeous birthday presents
  • Finding a cute American diner and having pancakes with maple syrup

Day 3

  • Seeing a very good friend for the first time in 5 years.
  • Drinking my morning coffee from my beautiful new mug
  • Blowing out the candles on my birthday cake (which we ran out of time to eat yesterday)

Day 4

  • Having a pub lunch with friends from work
  • Seeing Sofia make her Brownie promise – so proud!
  • Wearing my extra bright new trainers

Day 5

  • Tea and chat in the local cafe garden after dropping the kids off at school.
  • Wearing matching tshirts with Sofia
  • Starting a new online course

Day 6

  • Hanging out with the twins at our local garden centre. I especially loved seeing the Christmas displays
  • Seeing the incredible firework display at Midsummer common with the kids and Rolando
  • Eating chocolate donuts with the kids

Day 7

  • Seeing how happy Sam was running around with his friends in the park.  
  • Doing a perfect reverse park.
  • Wearing my extra cosy winter coat for the first time this year

If you want a little happiness boost each day I’d really recommend that you check out HappyFeed and start making your own happy list.

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