My Manic May

Twins Make Five has been a little bit quiet lately. It’s been a manic May that hasn’t left too much time to publish any blog posts. Here’s a little update of what is going on with me.

Learning to drive
I am desperate to finally get my driving license. Last year I had a lot of driving lessons but failed my driving test. I lost my nerve and took a break from taking any more driving lessons. At the beginning of May I realised that my theory test certificate runs out in June. This gave me the kick up the butt to get back behind the steering wheel.

In the past I dreaded my driving lesson. I didn’t really clicked with my previous driving instructor. I sometimes felt that I ended the session feeling like a small child after having been told off for 2 hours! Even so he taught me enough to get to driving test standard.

I wanted to take a totally fresh approach to learning to drive. I found a local company that specialises in intensive driving courses. We were just about able to squeeze 16 hours of driving tuition into 4 weeks ready for a driving test on 30th May. My driving instructor has been amazing so far. He is very relaxed and positive – constantly pointing out everything that I was doing well as well as pointing out improvements that I could make. It has made my lessons a much more positive experience. I feel quite excited about the learning process and have much more belief in my ability.

I’ve also using a few techniques to help my motivation. I’ve written a long list of the disadvantages of not being able to drive to keep me focused. I also have a list of places that I will be able to go once I can drive. I have started researching different brands of cars and have a shortlist of my ideal first car. I have already bought P plates ready for being a newly qualified driver.

I have one more lesson until driving test day. I’m actually feeling relatively calm about my test. I feel confident that I can pass. I’m going to give it my absolute best shot and try and remember everything that I have learnt and practiced. If I don’t pass (something that I don’t really want to think about) I’m going to book another test straight away and keep on going.

Moonwalk 2017
The other big highlight of May has been completing the London Moonwalk to raise money for breast cancer charities. Two friends and I did the half moon challenge which involved walking 15 miles through central London. There was an amazing party atmosphere at the start of the walk with 15,000 people dressed in decorated bras ready to get started. The walk was a bit harder than I had anticipated, mainly due to the tiredness of walking through the night. We started at 11.00 pm and finished at 4.00 am. We kept each other going by chatting and eating sweets. I drank so much Lucazade I felt a bit queasy. I’m very proud to have raised nearly £200. Thank you so much to my family and friends for your sponsorship and encouragement.

Family time
We’ve also managed to fit in some really nice family days this month. For the May bank holiday we headed to Brighton. The kids loved running about on the beach and throwing stones into the sea. We had a lovely picnic outside Brighton pavilion and the boys ran around after the seagulls.

We recently discovered Anglesey Abbey a national trust property with gorgeous grounds near to where we live. I can’t believe we have never been here before! There was a brilliant tree house for the kids to explore and a big natural playground to jump about on.

To round up the month Rolando had a weekend away in Dublin to meet a good friend – lots of Guinness was drunk!

Happy Anniversary
Finally in our whirlwind month Rolando and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary with some Sunday night drinks in a lovely local pub that we have just discovered.  Here is a very bad quality photo of us looking quite tired as we celebrate!

Phew! I feel a bit dizzy writing this let alone doing it! Maybe I need to think of ways to make June a calm and relaxing month.

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  1. What a super busy May and it’s not even over yet! Happy wedding anniversary! Well done on your Moon Walk and super good luck for your driving test next week I know you can do it.

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