My manic week

This week has gone so fast and has been so eventful! I’m writing this post on Sunday evening and seriously need to go to bed soon to recuperate ready for next week. Here’s a little round up of the highlights of the last 7 days.

My manic week

Rebooking my driving test

Regular readers will have heard me mention my struggle to learn to drive. I failed my test 2 months ago and had totally lost my nerve. On Monday I bit the bullet and booked a new test date. It is a little while off just yet so I should have enough time to practice executing my nemesis manoeuvre, reversing around a corner.

Getting the boys walking

I feel bad that I’m still pushing the boys around in their pushchair quite a lot. We do tonnes of walking, mainly because I don’t drive (yet), and often have to be places at set times (like at school to pick up Sofia). Taking the double pushchair is the easy and speedy option. However I decided to take the plunge on Tuesday and let the boys walk back from preschool. It is quite a long route so they took it in turns, Leo walking the first part and Sam walking the second leg (I pushed the non walker in the pushchair with one had and held hands with whoever was walking). Both of the boys enjoyed being more independent and it made me feel confident that they could be sensible and stay safe on the busy roads we need to walk along. We are not at the point of throwing out the double pushchair just yet but it was a step in the right direction. I’m going to try and take every opportunity to get the boys walking.

Wedding ring drama

I realised with horror on Wednesday that my wedding ring had slipped off my finger. I knew that it was loose and had been meaning to get it resized for a little while but hadn’t got around to it. I was out of the house most of the day and I was a bit teary realising that there was so many places it could have fallen off. I guess my wedding ring had become almost invisible until it is missing and then I was really conscious of it’s absence. This story has a happy ending though – Rolando found it again! In true mum of three style it had slipped off into our mountain of dirty laundry. He was well rewarded with beer!

Twin mums night out

On Thursday I had a really great evening meeting up with some fellow multiple mummies. When you have twins it is like you get to join a very cool and quite exclusive twin parent club. I belong to an online group of twin and triplet mums and we had a little get together at a bar in town. I was tired after a long day at work and had wondered if I should give it a miss but I’m so glad I didn’t. I met some really interesting and fun people. We shared twin stories and compared our twin experiences. I also met an incredible mum of triplets. It was so fascinating to hear about the dynamic between her 3 children and the logistics of raising them. I should look for more opportunities to go drinking on a school night!

Sofia‘s class assembly

I love getting an opportunity to visit Sofia’s class and was really looking forward to her class assembly. It was a bit of a logistical challenge to get Rolando to take care of the twin for the afternoon but it was really worth the juggling. The afternoon started with Sofia’s class giving a presentation of what they have been learning. They did some country dancing, sang a song about the continents, did a presentation of the mountain ranges of the world and acted out the story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbing Mount Everest. I was really proud of Sofia delivering her section of the presentation really confidently. Talking in front of an audience is not her favourite thing but she overcame her nerves and did a great job.

Next we had a presentation by the head teacher about “Growth Mindset.” I’ve been thinking about it and how to apply the ideas since. The idea is that you can look at intelligence as a fixed thing, that you have a set IQ. Alternatively if you have a growth mindset you are continually looking for ways to learn and improve – that intelligence is the result of practice and effort. This short YouTube video explains the idea and looks at research that shows that how the way you praise your children can really influence their way of thinking and their mindset. It is really worth a watch, I found it quite inspiring.

Finally we had the whole school celebration assembly, where the head teacher gave out various different awards. As Rolando was seriously busy at work he had to drop the twins off for me for this. If you want a test of nerves try keeping two three year olds quiet in front of a few hundred people and your child’s head teacher! Being calm and still is not Sam and Leo’s forte but we just about managed to get to the end without being too disruptive. This was mostly due to the quick thinking of another mum who had her toddler with her too. She very kindly leant us crayons, a colouring book and some toy animals – I think she deserved a certificate and some house points!

Right I’m off to bed……………….

22 thoughts on “My manic week

  1. Goodness me, I hope you got some rest and relaxation time, before you started this week.
    I find life is never dull with children, I have 4 of them, I fall into bed exhausted every night, but a happy exhausted and I sleep soundly.
    I hope you get your wedding ring fixed to fit your finger and how lucky it was found.
    Wishing you a positive and happy week ahead, one thing with driving, drive as if YOU own the road, good luck.

    1. Let’s call it seventh time lucky! I think passing my test will make life easier but I find reversing so hard!

  2. Good luck on your test! sounds like you have had a really manic week, and I’m glad that you have found your wedding ring, I remember when my engagement ring went missing, hubs wasn’t impressed and I was a complete state! haha, luckily I found it – in exactly the same place as you! x

    1. Totally not ready to ditch the pushchair yet but I really want to get the boys walking, if only to burn off some of their crazy energy.

    1. I feel like I need this to be a calm week to be ready for half term which is always quite full on!

  3. Busy week!! Sounds like the school assembly was great I love going to things like that so you can see how they’re getting on, kids tend to be bit mysterious about what they do at school don’t they! Good luck with the driving test xx

    1. My daughter is the worst at telling me what she does at school. My twins tell me nothing about preschool – I have to guess based on the stains on them (paint, grass, sand in their turn ups!)

    1. Thank you – we ended up having a crazy busy weekend too. I’m trying to take it easy this week before half term hits!

  4. I’m so glad you found your ring! Oh it must have been so scary when you realized it was gone! I heard someone else lost theirs recently – I think our fingers shrink a bit this time of year too. It’s hard to let the kids walk when you have places to go. That’s a good idea to let the boys take turns. x
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  5. Wow what a busy week, glad you found your wedding ring again. I take mine off every night and am forever misplacing it! Good luck with your driving test, it took me 3 go’s to pass. In the end I had to do the test giving a running commentary to keep calm and make sure I did everything, the instructor thought I was mad, but I passed x
    Lisa Backsnbumps recently posted…Pizza Making with the kidsMy Profile

  6. Ahh sorry about failing your previous test. I failed my theory while in the middle of my lessons and it threw me off, its taken me so long to rebook just my theory god help me if I fail my actual test. Good luck to you! Hope you pass xxx

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