My Mother’s Day Wish List

Mother’s Day is on the 6th of March (not in May as my husband thought it was). I’d love to say that this was a completely altruistic post designed to inspire people with ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day. Instead it is a completely shameless list of hints for my family!

Mother's DayWISH LIST

Gifts that money can’t buy!
It is so true that the best gifts really are things that money can’t buy. I have a little handwritten note from my daughter in my wallet that is one of my most treasured possessions. Here a few ideas that are all completely free and amazing.

Top of my list by a million miles is a lie in – to sleep to 9.30 would be the mum of 3 equivalent of a spa break!

A day with no tantrums
Please can we have a day when one of the children doesn’t loose the plot over the smallest thing. If mummy cuts your sandwiches into squares when you wanted triangles just breath and get over it little people!

Respect tea break time
Please let mummy have a cup of tea without climbing on her or choosing that specific moment to ask for something or start squabbling over something silly. Lets not end Mother’s Day like every other day with half drunk cold cups of tea placed on high shelves out of reach of small people.

Some one on one time
I’d love to get some time individually with each of the kids. I see a really different side to the kids when I spend time with them one at a time. It also makes parenting feel so much easier when you have one child to give your full attention. Plus there is no petty fighting and no one has to shout louder and louder to make their voice heard. I occasionally have girl day adventures with Sofia which I completely love (these usually involve hot chocolate in a cafe and something crafty). It is incredibly rare that I have time with just one of the twins but when I do it is very special.

If you do want to buy something……..
I realise some of these things are a bit tricky to arrange so here’s some things that you can buy instead (or as well)!

A Selfish Mother t’shirt or sweat shirt
I was lucky enough to be given a Selfish Mother t’shirt when I went to Blogfest (a blog conference organised by Mums Net). I completely love it and have worn it a lot. It is made from really good quality, soft cotton and has stood up really well to repeated washing. I have the oversized design which is just the right amount of slouchy. They also do a “Boyfiend” style one which I really like the look of. The money raised from the sale of the t’shirts goes to help charities relevant to women and children. So far they have raised £75K for charities including Women for Women International, The Refugee Council UK and Help Refugees UK.  Here is the website if you want to take a look Selfish Mother

Tickets to see a show
I completely love going to the theatre and don’t get to do it very often. My plan is to recruit Sofia as my musicals buddy and we can go and see some shows together. The show we both really want to see if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I loved the book when I was a child and have enjoyed rereading it with Sofia. I imagine the stage sets would be spectacular to recreate the mixed up World of Willy Wonka. I realise this might be a bit beyond the kids pocket money budget!

A bra that actually fits (if this mythical thing really exists!)
Okay we are now heading into sharing too much information territory but since having three kids my bra size is a complete mystery to me. I know I’m wearing the wrong bra size but I always have precisely a nano second to run into a shop and grab a new bra. This is usually a stressful experience and involves very rapid and ineffective guess work. I would love to have a proper bra fitting somewhere nice (like Victoria Secrets or Rigby and Peller) and buy a lovely bra that actually fits!

What are you doing to celebrate Mother’s Day?  I’d love to hear you plan and ideas.  What would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for you?

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  1. I’m totally with you on the bra thing!! I have no idea what size I am, and I’m clearly not guessing right as I always seem to get that horrid overhang (tmi!). I would quite like some sleep too. I have informed my hubby this is on the top of my list! xxx
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