My mummy 10 commandments

I’ve been having a little think about my mummy 10 commandments. Just for fun here are my golden rules of being a mamma.


1. Thou shalt smile at anyone with a pushchair or a toddler.

2. Thou shalt not impose your views or advice on mums who did not ask for them.

3. Thou shalt count to 10 under your breath when your toddler scribbles on your walls ……………….or posts your bankcard down the radiator, or pours your best shampoo down the toilet! (the list of potential toddler destruction is endless).

4. Thou shalt not covet your neighbours top of the range baby kit (your baby doesn’t really care that your stuff is pre-loved or uncoordinated).

5. Thou shalt offer a sympathetic look to all parents with a tantruming child (or even better offer to help).

6. Thou shalt not compete with your husband or partner about who is the most tired (It’s a tempting but pointless argument because neither of you will ever win).

7. Thou shalt not talk about your child’s poo or potty training while people are eating.

8. Those shalt never leave the house without wet wipes.

9. Thou shalt not treat your child’s development as a competition.

10. Thou shalt not beat yourself up for having a bad day (we all have them, tea and cake helps!)

What would your mummy 10 commandments be? What would you add?

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