My post baby body

We’ve all seen the images in magazines and on the TV commenting on woman’s body’s once they have had children. Sometimes celebrating how amazing a new mum looks or marvelling at how quick they have lost weight. Sometimes pointing out woman’s post baby flaws. I sighed when I saw Kim K’s naked bathroom selfie all over social media (although I was probably more envious of her very tidy bathroom than her body!) I remember seeing pictures of Kate Middleton on the steps of the maternity hospital in a gorgeous dress looking groomed and amazing. I did wonder though if she’d rather be wearing yoga pants and snuggling with her new born than having her hair and makeup done to keep up appearances. It has all got me thinking about how I feel about my body after having 3 children.

my post baby body

It blows my mind that my body has created and nurtured 3 children. My body has given me my beautiful children, keeping them safe, providing for them exactly what they needed – the battle scars were a small price to pay for that. In a lot of ways having my children has changed the way I think about my body.  It shifted my focus from what my body looks like to what my body is able to do. Having my three children has taught me what my body is physically capable of.

After having my twins I felt a bit broken, my body had taken quite a battering.  In the early days after having my c-section I really noticed how easy it was to move again. I think all of the pain of carrying twins made me appreciate this in a way I’d really taken for granted before. In the longer term it took physiotherapy over quite a number of months and lots of post natal Pilates to start to heel my damaged abdominal muscles (here’s my earlier post about my post pregnancy abs). Though far from perfect I am happy with the improvement in my abs and core strength. It’s something that I really want to continue us to work on.

I’ve worked really hard to get back to a weight that feels natural to me.  After having my daughter I ran a marathon to get back in shape. I realise this is quite extreme but giving birth made me feel a bit invincible! (Here’s my post running a marathon v giving birth, which is harder?).  After having my twins I had to take things slowly, I needed to recover and heel before I could think about getting back in shape. I lost weight slowly and steadily over quite a long period of time, mainly by following the 5:2 diet (I’ve previously written about my experience, Does the 5:2 diet work?)

Looking after my kids have made me strong. I get a workout everyday, whether I want to or not (no skipping a day at the gym of life!). I walk and cycle a lot doing the school run and taking my kids out and about. Walking with a double pushchair is the best exercise I’ve ever done. My boys are at the age where I still lift them quite frequently, in and out of their beds and pushchair and carrying them when they get tired – it is amazing for my arms.

It’s has taken me some time to accept the damaged, over stretched skin on my stomach. It has been something that really bothered me especially after having my twins. If I could wave a magic wand get my skin back to its pre kids state I would in a second. Over time I have more or less made peace with the fact that it is something that can’t be fixed without surgery. Some days its a bit of an uneasy peace. I’ve also learnt that I need to buy good bras and have a fitting every time I buy one (how did it take me so long to realise this). I will never wear a bikini again and I’m still a bit sad about that.  However I like the way I look in my clothes and I think that’s a happy place to have got to.

There are parts of my post baby body but I’m not crazy about but I’ve gradually got to a point where I don’t spend too much time dwelling on them.  I’ve learnt to pay attention to and appreciate the things I like about my appearance as much as I can. Its taken me around 3 years to find a kind of balance, working on the aspects of my body that I can improve and making peace with the things that I can’t.

Don’t worry I’m not going to be posting any naked selfies any time soon!

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  1. Ah lovely what an honest post, it sounds like you are doing all the right things – I’m sure taking it slowly must be the way forward! And carrying twins is bound to be a big test on your body. It’s bad enough with a singleton isn’t it! You’re so right – our bodies are amazing, and amazingly strong and resilient and that is what matters. I too will never wear a bikini again but I am fine with that. I would like to see the back of my muffin tops and put belly, however as they do show through my clothes. But I need to stop eating so many real muffins really…. xx
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  2. you have every reason to be proud of your post baby body! Having had 3 children myself I get what you’re saying but I’ve never grown twins! Something to be very proud of xx

  3. I’ve only had one baby and she’s almost 6! Giving birth to 3 is a feat! 🙂 Your body is beautiful. As for mine, I’ve accepted it as it is even though I haven’t lost all that extra weight since giving birth almost 6 year ago 🙂 x

  4. What a brave and honest post. Until you’ve been through pregnancy and tried to shed post pregnancy weight or come to terms with your new shape, I don’t think you can really understand how it feels. I was slim before I was pregnant and it was absolute shock, one year after baby to be still carrying so much weight. I did start to come back to normal(ish) past the year but not sure if I’ll get that pre-baby shape back – ever. And like you say, you just have to accept it and look at everything your body has achieved and look at the bigger picture – even though it’s hard sometimes – I hope our little ones appreciate our sacrifices!!

  5. Well said, I love that you promote body positivity and it is important to love your body for what it is. Your body carried three children and its amazing that you have all those memories x

  6. Such a lovely heartfelt post! We really should give ourselves more credit. Creating life is so amazing and what our body goes through in that process is incredible. Especially if you’ve done it so many times too! It always astounds me how the body mends after pregnancy, yet still there are parts that are little reminders. But those reminders should be celebrated and shouldn’t make us feel down. Although I know it does! I hope that one day I can get to the same stage in my head as you and not despise my body. xx

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I’m currently having a meltdown over my post baby body. After the ceaserean I’m finding it very difficult to lose the baby weight. It’s the biggest I’ve ever been. I hate it x

  8. It really does take a while to accept it doesn’t it? My stomach looks so different after two huge babies and two sections. You always look like you have a fantastic figure to me and I know you have worked hard to get your shape back after your twins. I bet you look better in a bikini than you think you do. I hate the crazy media coverage after whenever a celebrity has a baby. It doesn’t focus on the important things.
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  9. My body changed it’s shape both times after having both of my daughters. I have kind of accepted I am not going to get rid of my jelly belly as i won’t be hitting the gym 7 days a week! I have learnt to wear clothes that fit my body shape and hide the jelly bits! No bikini for me again either! I hide in a maxi dressed or a swimming costume under a kaftan 🙂
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