My twin pregnancy

I’ve blogged before about finding out we were expecting twins and giving birth by c-section – I thought I’d also write about my twin pregnancy experience.

twin pregnancy

Very medical
With Sofia our maternity care was through a community midwife who came to our home to do our antenatal checks and blood tests, she even did appointments at the weekend so I didn’t have to take any time off work. We were very grateful to see the same midwife for every appointment. She was reassuringly no nonsense in her approach.

From the moment we knew that we were expecting twins our care was very medical. All of our appointments were at the hospital with a consultant. We saw a different consultant for every appointment.  Some of them were more approachable than others. Because we saw a consultant fortnightly there was often not too much to talk about but it was still reassuring to know that we were very closely monitored.

We had fortnightly scans to check the twins size from about 15 weeks onwards. The reason that the twins were monitored so closely was to check that they were not suffering from twin to twin transfer syndrome. This is something that can happen with twins that share a placenta like ours did. There is a danger that one twin gets a disproportionate amount of nutrients to the detriment of the other who’s growth is impaired. Our scans were to check that the boys were growing at the same rate. I feel incredibly fortunate that I did not have any complications like twin to twin transfer syndrome during my twin pregnancy.

I found seeing my two babies on the scans mind blowing! They were completely squished together and intertwined. It looked like a cross between a disco and a fight in there. Our scans tended to take quite a long time as the boys were often not in the positions that they needed to be to get the measurements that were needed, there was a lot of digging around with the scanning device thing to get the images that were needed. For a lot of the time one of the boys was breach and the other was transverse. The boys were referred to as Twin A and Twin B in their medical records (Sam was Twin A and Leo was Twin B).

Medical students
Another thing that I discovered very quickly is that twin pregnancy magnetically attracts medical students! For the majority of our appointments we were asked if we minded a student/trainee sitting in. I was overjoyed one day when the sonographer asked if she could do a 3D scan for us as she was learning how to do them and wanted to try out doing twins. To see the twins faces in 3D was just incredible!

I didn’t have any weird cravings when I was expecting twins I was just unbelievably hungry all of the time! It was not like regular hunger either. I went from realising I was hungry to weak and shaky within about 10 minutes. I remember delivering a training session at work when the crazy hunger struck – I had to excuse myself and run to the canteen! I quickly learnt to have food with me at all times.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I gained a tonne of weight all over, I had such a puffy face! With the twins despite all of the crazy eating I was all bump and didn’t really gain weight anywhere else. I think the twins hoovered up every single calorie I ate.

Massive bump
My bump was completely enormous, the size of a small country! I had quite a lot of back ache especially towards the end and found walking anywhere got more and more difficult. My poor feet were very swollen. One day I had to rush from my office to a shoe shop to buy flip flops because my shoes were absolutely killing me. My feet have never gone back to their pre pregnancy size (I used to be a size 4 and am now a size 5). I finished working 4 weeks before my due date which was a complete relief, it was getting to the point where just getting to work was completely exhausting.

The weekend before my c section was scheduled we panicked realising evenings out were not going to happen for a while. We got a baby sitter and went on an emergency pre twins date. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to park nearby and the walk to the restaurant nearly killed me. I was so breathless and my back was so painful – I had to ask the waitress for a cushion to try and get comfortable. I’m still glad we made the effort though.

Getting to the finish line
I was a bit worried in the very late stages of my twin pregnancy that I wouldn’t get to my due date. In the last week or so I didn’t really get out of the house much because it was so tiring to go anywhere. Every twinge made my nervous that I was going to go into labour. But luck was on our side and on the 12 October we got up very early and headed to the hospital to finally meet our babies!

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