Operation school holiday

I’ve written a plan…………It’s colour coded. I don’t like to be over scheduled or to rush the kids from one activity to the next. However the idea of six weeks with nothing to break up the days was a bit too daunting (especially as the boys don’t have an afternoon nap anymore so the days are very full on).

I’ve enrolled Sofia in a three day holiday club, for a week of intensive swimming lessons and the library’s summer reading challenge. In a fit of overzealous January organisation I booked a week away in the Lake District. Having now realised how far away it is I’ve sorted out a stop over each way to break up the long journey. In a moment of possible madness I promised to take Sofia to the London Aquarium (the challenge of navigating the underground with three kids in tow is bringing me out on a bit of a cold sweat – especially as two of them have a taste for danger!). I have a season ticket to the botanic gardens for some outdoor running about. Sofia has been scrutinising the bumper book of summer activities (and re requested everything we didn’t get round to last summer). If it’s okay weather I’m thinking we could camp out in the back garden. We did it last year and it was really lovely although who knew the village had a clock that chimed every quarter hour all through the night.

Do you have any good tips for having a fun and stress free summer break? Let me know!

Funny moments
Finding a random potato in Sofia’s book bag (I don’t even want to ask).
Searching my work bag for a pen and instead finding a teddy shaped cookie cutter, a glittery giraffe and nappies – not quite office essentials.

Moments of triumph
We are on the home straight of the school term – loving that we are not chasing our tails to complete the weekly spelling, reading books and homework.

Having a whole day outside today in the garden and the park running around with the boys, having a picnic lunch, feeding the ducks and playing in the play area.

Sofia getting to feed a giraffe on a birthday trip to the zoo.

Rolando is finishing off an extra big shelving unit for our kitchen, covering most of one wall instead of the tiny wall cupboard we have at the moment. Maybe I’m just one storage solution away from being a domestic goddess with a clean and organised kitchen (well I can dream).

Moments of destruction and disaster
Sam scribbling on the dish washer and kitchen cupboards with a bright pink paint marker (these guys are destined to be famous artists or vandals!)

The boys accidentally walking on the freshly painted white lines in the park (sorry cricket club).

Leo spilling apple juice on himself in the park and becoming a human wasp magnet – then getting a wasp inside his t-shirt (thankfully I managed to scoop it out before any harm was done).

Forgetting the end of year class teacher collection (opps, sorry very organised class reps!)

Leo’s new favourite phrase is “Mummy no singing!”

Popping into Sainsbury for basics and spending £78.

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