Our Halloween family photos 2015

People who know us will know that we absolutely love dressing up for Halloween. You can see our family photos from previous years here (We love Halloween).

Here are our pictures for 2015. We went for a bit of an animated, super hero type of theme. I’m really pleased with how Sofia’s costume came together. It was a bit of a challenge to get good pictures this year. A combination of our camera having a bit of a moment (I think we got it stuck on some weird setting) and the challenge of getting 3 year olds to co-operate! They were quite determined not to wear the hats.

As it is also my birthday today we went out for dinner. Sofia was insistent that we go in our costumes. Rolando and I toned ours down a little bit to go out but the kids were still completely dressed up. Randomly Sam was determined not to take the hat off in the restaurant (even though it was really hot).

Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 photo 2 Mummy and daughter Dad and daughter Three minions 2 DSCN2134 12200791_10153623980670985_703436360_n Halloween 2015

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