Our week, stressful moments & silver linings

Quite a lot of things have gone wrong this week which could have made it awful but the sun has been shining, we’ve had lots of time outside and things have generally worked out in the end.

Our washing machine stopped working on Sunday night and by Tuesday things were getting ugly! After a bit of a Facebook rant my fantastic neighbour leant me the keys to her house so I could use her machine. I spent a lot of Tuesday going backwards and forwards with tonnes of clothes. I’m so grateful to her for being such a life saver. As I was heading out of the house the next day I spotted a pair of my pants stuck on our hedge, cringe (at least they were clean)!

I’ve been spending every spare second I can practicing driving. I had 2 two hour driving lessons this week, plus went out with Rolando a couple of times. Reversing around a corner is my nemesis at the moment. I was so focused on being ready for my imminent test that I was really annoyed to get an email from the test centre to say my test has been postponed by a fortnight (due to examiner availability). Now I’m seeing the silver lining that at least I get another two weeks of practice.

Wednesday was such a nice sunny day so we headed to the park after preschool for an impromptu picnic and a good run around. We had some left over rolls so braved feeding the ducks. It was a test of nerves letting Sam and Leo loose next to the river but they absolutely loved it and didn’t fall in despite some very near misses. It was just too nice to go home so we went to the garden of our local deli for coffee and cake until school pick up time.

Sofia’s write up of the school trip was featured in the school newsletter. It is really made my day when I spotted it. She also found her lost coat.

We had a really scary moment when Leo fell down part of our stairs (from just under half way up to the bottom). He really took a tumble and was screaming because he’d hit his head. Sam was screaming because he was scared. Luckily Leo was okay. I really thought he might have been seriously injured and we were all quite shaken up.

We had a little triumph this week walking to our local shop without a pushchair. This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal but I find it a real challenge to have both of the boys walking near the road (they have no sense of danger). Sofia was my second pair of hands and she felt really proud of herself for helping.

On Friday I woke up feeling rubbish, very tired and like I was coming down with a cold. Rolando was a star and did the school and preschool run so I could go back to bed. I had to cancel meeting up with a friend but I really needed the rest.

We had tense moment on Saturday night when Rolando somehow deleted most of the photos from our laptop. He couldn’t open the recycle bin to restore them. All of our kids baby photos and wedding photos had gone. With a bit of googling he managed to find a way of getting them back. I was so relieved. Priority for this week is to buy an external drive and back up everything!

Today my family came to the rescue by giving us a washing machine. They had a spare one that had come with their new kitchen. Rolando drove to Coventry and back to collect it and the two of us somehow managed to wrestle it up the stairs to our flat. Who knew washing machines were so incredibly heavy!

I’d give this week a stress rating of 8/10. I’m hoping that the week to come is a bit calmer.

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