Pirate day, arrgh for the end of the holidays

Pirate day is not internationally recognised but its an annual even in our house. It was originally invented out of boredom – amazing what you can think up to get through a rainy day. Now once a year we all dress up as pirates and have some pirate fun. It doesn’t take too much effort to organise and the kids love it.

It was good to squeeze it in on the last day of the holidays to make it a celebration of the end of 6 weeks off school.

We put up pirate bunting to get us in the mood. To add to our costumes we made pirate hats out of craft foam plus made toilet roll telescopes and pirate sticker pictures.

Making hats for pirate day.
Making hats for pirate day.

The kids followed a treasure map and dug for treasure in the garden (gold doubloons and rubies cut out from craft foam and hidden in the sandpit).

Consulting the treasure map.

Digging for treasure in the sandpit.
Digging for treasure in the sandpit.

We read our favourite pirate themed books – The Troll by Julia Donaldson and Tom and the Midnight Pirates by Peter Harris.

We did some pirate colouring – I found some good Jake and the Neverland Pirates printables on the Disney Junior site.

We had a little bit of a dilemma when we ran out of milk.  We went to Tesco dressed as pirates (I’ve seen people in their pyjamas so its probably no weirder). It poured down with rain which I guess is authentic pirate weather.

The kids did some fishing in the bath with magnets. The fish were made from craft foam with paperclips attached for the magnets to stick to. I was surprised what a big hit this was with the boys who were really concentrating on trying to hook the fish.

To chill out we watched the Octonauts Amazon Special – all about Pirate Calaco Jack.

We finished off with fish and chips for dinner on pirate paper plates (bonus no washing up).

P.S. The pirate captain is allowed a tot of rum once all the little ship mates are asleep.

4 thoughts on “Pirate day, arrgh for the end of the holidays

    1. Thanks you – we love an excuse to mess round and it distracts from new school year nerves. Love the photography on your blog (I’m a bit incompetent with a camera maybe I’ll brush up my skills for my blog).

    1. Any excuse for dressing up or spirit based drinks! I’m totally relieved that Sofia is back at school the summer holidays have been fun but so full on. I feel like a need a holiday myself to recover and clear up the disaster zone that is currently my house. Love positively posted will see if there is a positive post to link up next week.

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