Expecting twins, how to prepare

When my daughter was born I wasn’t particularly organised. We ended up eating ready meals and takeaways. I remember trying to do an online supermarket shop when delirious from lack of sleep. Life was pretty chaotic! I took a really different approach to prepare for the arrival of my twins. I knew life was going to get crazy so I wanted to do anything I could to help us avoid extra chaos. I’m thinking back to our experience with having twins but these suggestions would also work when preparing for one baby.

How to prepare for having twins


Stock up on basics
I bulk bought non perishable items as if we were preparing for a nuclear apocalypse. I stocked up on things like dishwasher tablets and finisher, toilet and kitchen roll, dried pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, jars of cooking sauce, washing detergent, coffee and tea bags. My husband thought I’d gone insane! My logic was that we would be busy enough without having lots of shopping to do. These items proved to be a life saver as they lasted through the first couple of hectic months.

Line up help
This was absolutely the one thing that saved us from disaster! We found that everyone we knew wanted to help, but we just needed to be honest about what we needed. Have a little think in advance what will make the biggest difference for you. For me (as a non driver) the things that I most needed help with was getting someone to pick up my daughter from school and lifts to medical appointments. Other friends brought us meals, did washing for us, popped over and cleaned our kitchen, brought nappies and wipes when I was stuck in on rainy days and arranged play dates for my daughter. Asking for help doesn’t come that naturally to me. I guess I thought it was a sign of weakness or that I was being a burden on people. I had to lose all self consciousness about asking for help. People were unbelievably kind to us and l could see that people actually liked getting stuck in with us and our chaos.

Freezer meals
Our freezer was our friend. For quite a few weeks before my twins were due I started making extra portions of food to stock up the freezer. It was easy to do this by making double portions of meals that I was already cooking. I also made lots of portions of basic tomato sauce that we could use for various different pasta dishes. I was in hospital for a week following my twins birth and having handy meals ready to be heated up really helped my husband who was busy looking after our eldest child and rushing back and forth to the hospital.

Clean your house (or get someone else to do it!)
Any form of housework will be very low down your list of priorities, way behind looking after your little ones and catching up on sleep. It is worthwhile doing a deep clean to get your house in good condition ready for a few month of neglect. Don’t think you have to do this yourself (you are growing two babies which is hard work in itself). If you can get a cleaning service in to do this all the better! My work mates gave me vouchers for a cleaning service which was such a fantastic and practical present.

Get a fab hair cut!
This is probably quite vain but I’m really glad I got a great haircut just before my twins were born. It saw me through those early days. I might have had baby sick on my clothes half the time but at least I had nice layers!

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