A random act of kindness

I think the world could use a bit of extra kindness right now. This morning I tried to do a little random act of kindness but it didn’t quite go to plan!

This day didn’t start well. The kids, who are usually awake before 7.00, decided to have a lie in! We woke up 45 minutes late. It was a panic to get ready for school and preschool. I turned into shouty mum! We somehow got out of the door at a reasonable time. It was absolutely pouring with rain. We got completely soaked on the walk to school.

On the way we saw two young women stood at a junction dressed as pizza boxes advertising a takeaway pizza place. They were getting drenched and looked really sorry for themselves. I was having a crappy morning but at least I wasn’t in fancy dress in the freezing rain!

After dropping the kids off I decided to buy coffee for the pizza box women to cheer them up. I grabbed two takeaway lattes and headed back to where I’d seen them. Only they weren’t there anymore! Now I was standing in the rain with more coffee than I could drink myself and no one to give them to.

Me with soaking hair and my latte!

Still wanting to spread a little kindness I decided to give the coffee to a stranger. I stopped the next person I passed and asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee. It was a little awkward! She looked very confused but took the drink and said thank you.

I drank the other coffee myself as I hurried home to get into the warm and dry!  At least I tried – even if it did turn out a bit more random than I’d planned.

Have a good day guys x

6 thoughts on “A random act of kindness

  1. Aw that was really sweet of you. It is nice to do kind things it makes everyone feel good. Hope you enjoyed your coffee you dererved it as it is the thought that counts xxx

  2. He he! This sounds like my day yesterday. A total utter FAIL! I really should have blogged it as it was so bad it was comedy gold. At least you tried and you got a nice cup of coffee to warm you up xx

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