Random conversations with my kids

Every day I catch myself saying really random things to my kids. I thought I’d do a little round up of some recently classics and throw in some of their bizarre statements for good measure.

Random conversations with my kids

“Stop hurting my Womble!” (me shouting at Sofia and Sam who have taken a massive dislike to my childhood toy).

“I’m sorry honey but you can’t have a platypus” (Consoling Leo who’s bottom lip started to wobble when I could not grant his request for one).

“You can’t go to the shops with your willy out.” (My boys are obsessed with being naked at the moment!)

“Take your tooth brush out of your brothers ear” (we are still working on the concept of personal space).

“I’m not eating that you have already chewed it.” (to Leo’s offer of pizza)

A few of the boys pearls of wisdom…….

Our conversation in a cafe:
“If you had a dog what would you call him”
Sam answers at the top of his voice “Poo-Poo”
Leo “Spoon”
Both laugh hysterically (an elderly couple start to stare).

Leo “I am not a freezer. I am a boy” (this came out of nowhere, maybe some kind of identity crisis).

Sam at every opportunity to complete strangers “Big boy coming through”

Leo (after finding a star shaped sticker in the sandpit at our local playground) “Look a star, maybe it fell out of the sky! Can you put it back into the sky mummy?”
I pretend to throw the star into the sky.
Leo “Why can’t I see it?”
Me “Because stars only come out at night”

I’d love to hear your randomness – please share in the comments section!

One thought on “Random conversations with my kids

  1. Daniel ran into our room one morning pointing at his chest and said “Mummy mummy I’ve lost my boobs!” I replied “You don’t have boobs remember you have nipples” to which he said “oh yeah”, checked he could see both nipples and then ran out of the room again. This was the morning after we’d had a discussion about this as he’d just noticed his nipples.

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