Shoes. The enemy of leaving the house!


This pretty much happens daily in our house……….

1. Decide to go out
2. Ask kids to put their shoes on (no one moves).
3. Tell kids to put their shoes on (no one moves).
4. Decide that assistance is needed.
5. Tell oldest child to go and find her socks and shoes.
6. Look in shoe cupboard.
7. No sign of anyone’s shoes.
8. Look for shoes in all the logical places.
9. Search for shoes in illogical places.
10. Shout at eldest child to find her shoes.
11. Shout “where did you take them off?”
12. Locate all but one of the kids shoes.
13. Look for my shoes.
14. Find my shoes at the bottom of a toy box.
15. Discover there is a half eaten sweet stuck inside one of my shoes.
16. Reject shoe for being too sticky.
17. Find a different pair of shoes to wear.
18. Locate last shoe lodged behind the toilet.
19. Try and find 3 pairs of matching socks.
20. Give up and try and find 6 socks of any variety.
21. Attempt to put the boys socks on.
22. One of the boys takes offence at the colour of his socks.
23. Deal with sock colour tantrum
24. Go and check if eldest child has her shoes on.
25. In my absence the boys have both put their wellies on
26. Ask boys to take their wellies off.
27. Forcibly remove wellies.
28. Deal with welly rage.
29. Get one of the boys shoes on.
30. Other boy has run off.
31. Chase after him with shoes in my hand.
32. Corner him and finally get shoes on.
33. ………try and remember why I wanted to go out in the first place!

Does this sound familiar to you?

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4 thoughts on “Shoes. The enemy of leaving the house!

  1. I can remember those days with my three and all the minded children too. I now only have to find one pair of shoes (occasionally two) and still hear myself saying “Where did you take them off?”

  2. Ha ha! Or not maybe. I find leaving the house SO stressful! Luckily Lottie gets her own shoes on but Harry wanders around not knowing what to do first!!!!! Great post and nice to find your blog xx

    1. I sometimes to feel to get somewhere on time I should have started preparing in the early hours of the morning. I was originally going to write about all of the things that mean it takes ages to get out of the house but had so many shoe related hold ups it became it’s own post.

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