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Do you have a Shopkins obsessive in your house. I do! My daughter is completely Shopkins crazy. Her bedroom is rapidly being taking over by these little figures.

If you don’t have a seven year old you might not have come across Shopkins. These little characters are in the shape of food and household items. This is their official website if you want to take a look.

I have to admit when Sofia first got some I thought they were another source of plastic tat. But damn it their incredible cuteness has won me over! The characters and names are quite ingenious, I now know my Cheeky Cherries from my Chocy Box.

We tick our new ones off the collectors chart together. We decide which ones are our favourites and arrange them in Sofia’s dolls house (which has been completely taken over). Now what to do with all of them?! We decided we needed to come up with some new ways to play with Sofia’s Shopkins collection. Here are two games that we have invented.DIY Shopkins Games

Shopkins Dice Dual

You will need a handful of Shopkins (the more you use the longer you can play for, we use about 20) and 2 dice.

  • Take it in turns to roll the two dice.
  • Add together what you get
  • The person with the highest total wins and gets a Shopkin
  • Keep on taking it in turns until all the Shopkins have been won
  • The winner is the person with the most Shopkins at the end of the game.

We really enjoy this game. I know it all down to luck but we get quite competitive. It’s also a great stealth way to do some mental maths practice. You could switch it around and multiply the numbers on the dice to make it a bit harder.

Shopkins Memory Challenge

All you will need is a handful of Shopkins we use about 15.

  • The first player closes their eyes.
  • The other player shuffles the figures around and takes one away.
  • The first player opens their eyes and spots which Shopkin is missing.
  • Take it in turns to play this memory game.

If you want to make it harder keep switching out the Shopkins figures that you use. It really tests your memory and makes you pay attention.

Have you come up with any fun games to play with Shopkins? I’d love any ideas that you have. Please let me know in the comments section.

8 thoughts on “Shopkins games

  1. Do you play the game where you step on one and curse at the top of your lungs under your breath so the kids don’t hear you? Just kidding, great ideas as my daughter is a huge fan of shopkins also.

    1. Funny – we also have the game of re-enacting a world war when on of the younger kids gets hold of one of the precious collection!

    1. Oh man it is all about Shopkins in our house at the moment – although we do like Moshi Monsters too.

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