Sing Film Review

We have been watching trailers for the film Sing for months! So we were really excited for Sing’s UK release this weekend. Sing is from the same creators as Despicable Me. Having enjoyed the preview clips (and paid £40 for cinema tickets) I was really willing Sing to be good. I am happy to say that we were not disappointed!

The plot of the film is really simple which makes it really appealing to children (have you tried explaining the plot of the Lego movie to a 4 year old?!). The film centres on Buster Moon, a financially stretched Koala, voiced by Matthew McConaughey. He decides to stage a singing competition to save his struggling theatre. The plot follows the fortunes of a group of animals all competing to win the singing prize. The characters in this film are so likeable and well developed. I was totally rooting for them to come good. My favourite was a downtrodden mummy pig called Rosita, voiced by Reese Witherspoon. There is Johnny a silky voiced gorilla from a criminal family. Tori Kelly voices a painfully shy elephant and Scarlett Johansson is a rock chick porcupine. I think the depth of characters will especially appeal to adults in the audience.

Visually the film reminded me a little bit of Zootropolis with the anthropomorphic cast (get me with my fancy word!). There are some really lovely quirky touches. If there was an Oscar for best supporting performance by a squid Sing would win hands down. I love the elderly lizard theatre assistant with one glass eye. I was also surprised when Jennifer Saunders popped up as the voice of an elderly sheep.

Sing review

This film has lots of really funny moments when all of us (aged 4 to 40 something) were laughing out loud. The audition section is particularly funny. It is like an animal version of the X Factor without Simon Cowell and all of the fake tension! I sometimes find with kids films that all of the funny bits are in the trailer (I’m thinking The Secret Life of Pets, funny trailer very mediocre film!) I was very pleased that this wasn’t the case here.

The singing in the film is incredible. It isn’t like a musical where the characters randomly start singing every 5 minutes. The songs are animal versions of real songs, ranging from Taylor Swift to Frank Sinatra. It made a refreshing change from syrupy Disney style ballads. My daughter was grooving along in her seat. I wanted to applaud some of the performances especially the big musical finale. I felt really touched by one of the songs Meena the elephant sang.

In terms of age appropriateness Sing proved a really good choice for my 4 year olds – there were no scary moments at all. I think the music and the characters combined to make it a real family film rather than just entertaining for the kids. I don’t think I’m giving anything away when I say it all comes together into a really feel good ending. I left the cinema feeling genuinely uplifted!

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