Our Summer Holiday 2016

You might have noticed that the blog posts have been a little bit sporadic lately. I haven’t been taking a complete break from the blog over the summer but with the kids off schools it’s been really hectic. I’ve also been hanging out with the kiddos rather than spending time on social media.

Summer holidays getting so much easier
This is easily the best summer holidays that I’ve had with the 3 kids. The summer holiday after Sofia’s first year of school when the twins were under one year old was so hard. It was just a nightmare trying to give Sofia enough attention while dealing with naps and nappy changing x2! I felt like I wasn’t really keeping anyone happy and I was completely frazzled by the start of the new school year.

It is so much easier to take the 3 kids out on my own now the boys are a bit older. They are not quite as kamikaze as they were when they were toddlers. Is there anything more stressful than two small children running in opposite directions towards different hazards! I’ve done so many lightning fast calculations of which kid to save – the one heading towards the road or the one teetering on the top of a ridiculously high climbing frame. I think the health and safety types call it a dynamic risk assessment!

Fun in the sun
The weather has been really kind to us so we have enjoyed lots of relaxing picnics in the park and spent lots of time running around outside. It is so much easier to keep the kids occupied when the sun is shining and we can just head to the park or hang out in the garden. We’ve done so much walking – wandering along the country paths around our village and playing Pokemon Go (I’m sure that this game has got more kids walking than any public health campaign). I’ve found that we don’t need really big fancy days out to have fun.


Big days out
We did have some big days out throughout the 6 week break. I took Sofia to London for her birthday to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (my one word review -= AMAZING!).

Charlie and the chocolate factory

I took the kids to see Finding Dory at the cinema (also amazing!) We all had a brilliant day at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo with some great friends. I can’t recommend Whipsnade enough. We saw so many amazing animals and even caught the elephants walking along trunk to tail along the road.

Whipsnade elephant

playground at Whipsnade

Our family camping trip was also a big highlight of the summer. I have treated the kids to quite a few lunches out at our favourite cafes and we’ve all eaten so much ice cream.

cafe lunch

Loving the Olympics
We completely loved the Rio Olympics. I let Sofia stay up to watch the diving whenever it was on in the evenings. Me and Rolando did get up in the middle of the night to watch Mo Farrah and Usain Bolt. I may have gone a bit crazy with team GB merchandise in Aldi (a t-shirt for each of us, a swim suit and shorts for Sofia and a baseball cap). Our medal success made me feel so proud to be British especially after a bit of a turbulent year for our country.  Sofia and I have made a collage of photos of the team GB medal winners and have posted it on the wall along our stairway. It is our little way of keeping the magic of Rio alive.  Thank you team GB for giving us so much joy!

No morning rush
One thing I have not missed is school run stress. We’ve had some nice lazy mornings not having to rush to get ready (not that the boys believe in lie ins). We have also been quite lax with bedtimes as well.

The last week
I can’t believe that we only have a week until school starts again. I still feel like there is a few things that we want to cram into these final days of the holidays – a trip to the Botanic Gardens and celebrate our annual pirate day. Sofia also needs two more trips to the library to complete her Summer Reading Challenge. Luckily we were able to get most of Sofia’s uniform supplies in Sainsbury today (I will get the last few bits online) so not too much left to organise. I also need to do the dreaded back to school trip to get Sofia some new school shoes (why have I left it so late?!). Taking 3 kids school shoe shopping can be a bit torturous but I’m going to try and save time by booking a slot online.

Back to school
I will miss spending so much time with the kids when they head back to school. Although I’d be lying if I wasn’t looking forward to the first day that I have to myself once term starts again. I’m torn between catching up on life admin and housework and catching up on sleep.

How has your summer holiday been? Will you be breathing a sigh of relief when terms starts again? or feel a bit sad that the summer has come to an end?

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