Sunday Mornings

Remember when Sunday mornings were relaxing?  They consisted of having a lie in, a late breakfast and leisurely reading the papers. Those days are long gone! This Sunday morning was extra hectic. Leo was not feeling well. Sam was incredibly hyperactive from the second he opened his eyes. I swear he’d sneaked a double espresso!

This is what my Sunday morning involved today:

  • I woke up at 4.15 am on the sofa, fully dressed and confused (I fell asleep watching TV)
  • I was woken up at silly o’clock by Sam asking for a tissue
  • I was woken up again by Sam needing a wee
  • I tried to use the black out curtains to convince the twins that it was still night time. A tweeting bird blew my cover!
  • We got jumped on and climbed over, until we decide that trying to stay in bed is futile
  • Sam cried because I wouldn’t give him any Calpol
  • Leo had a strop because I wasn’t pouring the milk on his cereal in the right way.  Is there even more than one way to do it?

I’ve also broken our no TV on a Sunday rule! Today is sponsored by coffee!

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