Thank You to Addenbrooke’s Hospital

The head lines on the national news this morning are reporting that Addenbrooke’s hospital has been rated as “Inadequate” by the Care Quality Commission. The birthing unit at the Rosie Maternity Hospital is singled out for particular criticism.

This news feels very close to home. Addenbrooke’s is my local hospital located about 10 minutes drive from my house. I have a number of friends who work as nurses there. The hospital is part of my families story and my life has been changed a number of times within its walls.

Sam and Leo shortly after being born at the Rosie Maternity Hospital.
Sam and Leo shortly after being born at the Rosie Maternity Hospital.

It was in the scan department that I saw my daughter for the first time. I was so relieved and amazed that I was really going to become a mum. It was in the same scanning suite four years later that I heard the completely life changing sentence “Are there twins in your family?”

My daughter was born in the birthing unit after a safe natural labour. I put my total trust in the midwives and they gave me exactly the care that I needed.

My twin pregnancy was complicated and I spent many hours at Addenbrooke’s having fortnightly growth scans to check for Twin to Twin Transfer Syndrome. Regular tests picked up that I had a potentially dangerous infection which was treated with antibiotics. My twin boys were born by planned c-section and spent their first 7 days of life being tube fed and closely monitored on the Lady Mary Ward (part of the Rosie Maternity Hospital).

I’ve had two trips to the A&E department with the kids.

When Sam was about 5 months old he developed a dangerously high temperature and was floppy and unresponsive. The staff brought his temperature under control, did a number of tests, fed him through a nasal tube and kept him in overnight for observation. It was a very scary experience and I was so relieved when he rallied quickly.

Leo recently had a fall and split his head open. We had a long wait in an A&E department that was inundated with patients on a Saturday night. Leo was checked for complications and had his wound surgically glued back together.

Rolando was also treated in A&E after being knocked off his bike by a car (more surgical glue required). I’ve had a possible abnormality with Sofia’s eyes investigated there. The boys have had scans taken on their hip joints to check for development problems. I had physio therapy sessions after my twin pregnancy to help my body heal.

I want to say a sincere thank you for the excellent care that I have received at Addenbrookes hospital and send a virtual hug to the people that are working hard in the face of rising demand and staffing shortages.

There are people at Addenbrooke’s that have made a real difference to me and my family in the life’s pivotal moments. Addenbrooke’s was there for me at the beginning of all my children’s lives. I know that not everyone will have had the same experiences as us and that there will be serious issues to examine and improvements to be made. However I feel strongly that there was nothing inadequate about the level of care that I have experienced and for that I am truly grateful.

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9 thoughts on “Thank You to Addenbrooke’s Hospital

  1. This is a nice post. I think even when there are genuine concerns about a hospital, it won’t change the fact that there will be plenty of staff who have done their jobs well and treated patients well, and they deserve appreciation for that, as it must be demoralising to just be written off by a review of the hospital overall. I saw this in news recently too & it made me a bit sad as well. I can’t really comment on standard of hospital as I was only a kid & it was many years ago, but we lived in Cambridge when I was very young & my sister had hearing problems. She had all of her initial treatment at Addenbrookes ENT department, so it is my earliest memory of going to a hospital. #brilliantblogposts
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  2. So lovely to see someone championing their hospital. Lots of people told me that our local, Watford General was horrible, but they were fantastic throughout my pregnancy which included 4 trips in an ambulance to the a&e resus dept because of a heart problem. I always reassure people that the staff are fab, it can be really stressful for new mums, especially first time mums, to hear that the hospital they are due to give birth at is rubbish! #brillblogposts
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    1. My friends daughter was born in Watford general! Sounds like you really had a tough time so glad you got the care you needed.

  3. I also have had great experiences at addenbrookes through two complicated births, a&e trips with my son for asthma and ongoing allergy treatment. It is important that any hospital addresses problems but I have always felt very confident in the care we have received there.
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    1. Thank you for your comment – I really felt I was in capable hands there and wanted to thank the employees (who I’m sure have a tough time with understaffing concerns).

    1. I really wanted to balance out the negative publicity with my experience and thank the wonderful staff there.

  4. This is a really lovely post. It’s amazing what the NHS can do for us all and so important to take the time to shout about it. I feel the same way about the hospital where I had my children – could not have done more for me and my boys. Glad you and your family are all fixed and patched up now!
    Brilliant blog posts.
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    1. Thank you – I feel like I need to stick up for the brilliant staff there (have a feeling we’ll be needing them a few more times in the future).

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