The Christmas Fairy

I know it’s only October but the Christmas fairies all over the world are waking up and dusting off their magic wands. The Christmas Fairy likes to get started well in advance. These magical little creatures know there are (at the time of writing) only 10 weeks until the big day. You may not have caught a glimpse of the Christmas fairy but the chances are there is a Christmas fairy at work in your home.

  • The Christmas fairy makes A LOT of lists.
  • The Christmas fairy listens out for presents hints throughout the year and tucks them away for future use.
  • The Christmas fairy remembers Christmas jumper days at school and preschool.
  • The Christmas Fairy buys and bakes contributions for the school fayre, volunteers to man a stall and buys raffle tickets (generally for prizes she doesn’t even want to win).
  • The Christmas fairy buys presents for the teachers and teaching assistants and sorts out charity shoe boxes.
  • The Christmas fairy makes school play costumes and makes sure the youngest elves have learnt their lines (the Christmas fairy might shed some proud tears at the back of the school hall).
  • The Christmas fairy sorts out several secret Santa gifts.
  • The Christmas Fairy can be quite particular about how the Christmas tree looks and doesn’t like elves messing up the decorations.
  • The Christmas fairy does menu planning, reserves the turkey online and does epic food shopping (do not upset the Christmas fairy by eating the Christmas food before the big day).
  • The Christmas fairy organises who is going where, sources chairs, figures out how to get everyone around the dinner table and sorts out sleeping arrangements (8 people in one tiny house is always a bit of a challenge!).
  • The Christmas fairy cares about family traditions and makes Christmas eve boxes, buys Christmas pyjamas, hunts down special decorations and downloads Christmas films and playlists.
  • The Christmas fairy books a visit to the best Santa in the summer – jumping through lots of random hoops in order to bag a ticket to best one (you know who you are Harrods grotto!).
  • The Christmas Fairy looks up last posting dates for elves living overseas, writes cards, tries to remember every ones addresses and kids names.
  • The Christmas fairy looks out for special offers and deals to keep the banking pixies happy (the Christmas fairy doesn’t like any sarcasticness about the earliness of the Christmas preparations).
  • The Christmas fairy buys, wraps and hides the presents, including thinking of ideas for elves that are impossible to buy for.
  • The Christmas fairy searches in the loft for the elusive Christmas stockings and buys extra little presents to fill them.
  • The Christmas fairy makes sure we have boring but necessary things like batteries, sellotape and tin foil.

Most of the Christmas fairy’s work goes unnoticed! The Christmas fairy is fuelled by mince pies and those massive tins of Christmas chocolates. The Christmas fairy does not like hearing house elves saying “why do people get so stressed about Christmas” especially from elves who only buy a maximum 3 presents per year (usually on Christmas eve).

The Christmas fairy will occasionally threaten to give up the role of organising Christmas and get everybody else to do it! (the Christmas Fairy doesn’t really mean it).

Here’s to all the Christmas Fairies – hang in there!  You give Christmas it’s sparkle!

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