The twins turn 3!

Sam and Leo turned three today! It seems such a short time ago I waddled into the operating theatre, terrified but excited to finally met my little boys.  The kids birthdays make me feel really nostalgic about the kids growing up. In appearance the boys are incredibly similar but they are definitely developing very different characters. Here a little birthday tribute to the little things that make my gorgeous boys so different.

Reading some birthday present books with my favourite superheros
Reading some birthday present books with my favourite superheros


  • You have a cheeky face that always looks like you are up to something (you usually are).
  • You love owls and have two cuddly ones to sleep with.
  • You are a little bit scared of the dark.
  • You love dogs and love to stroke our neighbour’s cat.
  • When I come home you say “mummy I found you.”
  • You are a fearless climber, this quite often scares the life out of me.
  • You love to get stuck in with bigger kids at the playground.
  • You always say sorry even if something is not your fault


  • You have a little bit of a temper and will shout if you get frustrated or annoyed.
  • You do a really good impression of a robot.
  • You absolutely hate fish fingers.
  • Your favourite phrase is where are we going?
  • You lean in close to me to do an Eskimo kiss
  • You tell us you are a big boy every day.
  • You think it is hilarious to sneak up to me or Rolando and give us a massive lick on the cheek.
  • You like to eat purple grapes and give the green ones to Sam.
Birthday outing to Shepreth Wildlife park
Birthday outing to Shepreth Wildlife park

Birthday celebrations

We had a family day out on Sunday so that Sofia could be involved – she was at school on the boys actual birthday. We visited Shepreth Wildlife Park for the afternoon. The kids really enjoyed the animal encounters talk and had the chance to stroke some animals. I was not too enamoured with the hissing cockroach and turned down the offer of holding it. Sam and Leo had a little stroke of a rat (which made Rolando squirm). We all enjoyed seeing the otters being fed, especially the little tricks that they do like fetching a ball and going down a slide.


Birthday presents

The train set table was a massive hit
The train set table was a massive hit

We bought a fantastic train set table (it was pre-loved but still amazing). Luckily we got organised to set it up last night as it took a little longer than we thought it would. There was a moment when we were testing the theory how many adults does it take to assemble a train set.

The boys faces lit up when they saw it and it kept them entertained for a lot of the day – Granddad also got stuck in. The boys also loved the Octonauts figures that Sofia had chosen for them. It was so sweet that she wanted to contribute her pocket money to buy them herself. Another hit was the plastic animal figures although there was a bit of scuffle over who got the baby elephant.

Super hero pizza party

Superhero birthday tea
Superhero birthday tea

We celebrated this evening with my family by having a superhero birthday tea. The boys and Sofia had cool superhero t-shirts (Primark specials). We also got some cute superhero decorations and masks in John Lewis to add an extra super hero touch. Rolando made us lovely homemade pizzas and we had cartoon cakes.

It’s been a roller coaster three years. We definitely deserve a little glass of something this evening to toast getting this far!

Super hero cakes
Super hero cakes


6 thoughts on “The twins turn 3!

  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Sam and Leo and it sounds like Sunday and Monday were both special days, so happy days and what an amazing train set present – absolutely fantastic! Glad you had such a lovely day. Sarah lovely to hear about the differences in the boys too. Sending big hugs and a kiss to Sophia too, Love and all the best, Isobel, James, Freya and Ruaridh (Oh and big brother Callum)

    1. Thank you lovely! Where does the time go? You are welcome to pop over and play with our epic train set! I’ve had to rearrange the living room and evict a table to get it to fit in.

  2. Sounds like they had a great birthday! I love the birthday tribute at the start, “mummy I found you” made my heart melt. They sound like such gorgeous little characters 🙂 The birthday trip sounds fab but I think I’d probably turn down the generous offer of holding a cockroach too. It’s so lovely that Sofia wanted to contribute her pocket money to their present. Xx
    Helen | Wonderfully Average recently posted…BubblesMy Profile

    1. Thank you can’t believe they are 3 already. One of my relatives described my twins as Live wires and the preschool calls them real characters. I realise that these are all code words for a bit naughty! The zoo was fun. I think that meet the creatures section needed a health warning, that this is not going to be cute animals! (the woman was so passionate about why we need to love the insects and rats for us sceptical parents!)

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