Things I do that annoy my husband

I’ve been challenged to write about things that annoy my husband. Here’s my list of shame. I realise that some of these don’t make me look great! Rolando had a read before I posted this and agreed with all of these. I declined his offer to suggest a few more.

Fussy eating
I actually hate this about myself but I’m a bit of a fussy eater. I’m just not very adventurous with food and can’t make myself eat stuff I don’t like. Unfortunately the categories of things I don’t like is quite broad (most sea food, salad, lots of green things). This is mostly annoying to my husband when we eat out.

Finishing his sentences
I’ve been trying to stop myself doing this as it is such an annoying thing to do. I sometimes can’t help jumping ahead and guessing what Rolando is going to tell me. In my slight defence it comes from enthusiasm to contribute. I hereby publicly commit to stop second guessing the end of his stories and listen more attentively!

Not putting stuff away
I try and hide it but I have messy genes. They are mainly evident in the kitchen when I’m cooking in a hurry. Rolando gets grumpy about me leaving stuff lying around. I’ve been told off about not putting the butter back in the fridge, not putting rubbish in the bin, leaving the Hoover next to the cupboard where it lives………… get the idea.

Not being able to drive
This is starting to annoy me as much as Rolando. Somehow I’ve got to age 30ish without learning to drive. This annoys my husband as it means I often ask him for lifts to places or to drop the kids off at activities. He also gets sent to do errands like pick up random things that I’ve bought on eBay. I’m in the process of rectifying this by taking driving lessons, fingers crossed for my imminent driving test.

Preparation for holidays
This is a bit of a recurring unresolved argument. The day before and morning of our holidays is a test of our marriage. Rolando is very laid back about travel and always tells me to stop getting so stressed. This totally infuriates me. My argument (sometimes shouted for emphasis) is that I’m only stressed because I’m doing everything! I love a packing list and am a big fan of packing the car the night before. Rolando not so much.

Telling him to stop being noisy
Rolando is so loud! He talks loudly, walks loudly, has the volume on the TV really high…….the loud list is endless. I’m generally a bit over sensitive to sound so I’m always asking him to be quiet. He protests loudly!

What do you do that drives your husband or wife crazy?

2 thoughts on “Things I do that annoy my husband

    1. The day before a holiday is our number one time to argue! I’d pack the car myself but my husband insists on doing it (and then doesn’t do it the way I want it to be!)

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