Our TV and internet favourites

I love stumbling across TV and internet gems. There is something really special about finding something that the kids and I can enjoy together.  Here’s a little roundup of our current screen time favourites.

Just Add Magic
We are totally hooked on this Amazon original show! One of the great things about Sofia getting a bit older is that we have graduated to more grown up TV. I feel I have paid my dues watching many episodes of bad American cartoons (The Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony I mean you!). This series makes it worthwhile!

The premise there are three girls that come into possession of a magic cookbook. In each episode there is a situation that calls for a magic spell. An ongoing mystery story line unfolds throughout the series. This has been a real treat during half term. Sofia and I have enjoyed an episode every night after the boys have gone to bed. I love snuggling up with Sofia to drink some hot chocolate to indulge in this show’s plot twists and cliffhangers. We are always dying for the next installment. We have just finished season 1 this and can’t wait to get stuck into the next series.

I keep hearing that kids should be learning to code. My slightly technically challenged brain is a bit confused by this. Sofia discovered Scratch at school and is completely obsessed with it. Scratch is free online platform that allows you to create games and animation using computer coding concepts. It was developed by MIT Media Lab. Sofia is computer mad and I love how she is doing something a bit more educational than endless annoying apps! I’m really impressed by how this site is challenging her and inspiring her to play around to make her ideas come to life. She has created some of her own projects from scratch. There is also an option to rework other people’s projects which is a good way to figure out how to create more advanced ideas.

Sam and Leo’s current favourite show is Number Blocks on CBeebies. This TV show is made by the same people who created Alpha Blocks. The episodes are really short and are all about the numbers 1 to 5. I really like the colourful number characters. The number block characters songs are insanely catchy! I have found myself humming 2+1=Me I’m 3 (and the kids weren’t even with me). Leo has started doing simple little sums by copying along with this show.

Marie TV
I’m really enjoying a YouTube channel called Marie TV from creator Marie Forleo. I stumbled across this channel when I was in a bit a funk one day and looking for a bit of inspiration. Marie’s videos are full of really practical and inspiring life advice presented in a fun and sassy way. There are lots of quirky touches. Marie also interviews some amazing guests. This interview with the brilliant Seth Godin is one of the best YouTube videos I’ve seen in a long time. So thought provoking!

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