Twin mistaken identity

People ask me all the time if I get confused between the our identical twins. I’ve written before about the tricks that I use to tell my boys apart (Identical twins and how to tell them apart). Even so there are a few memorable times when I’ve some how got Sam and Leo mixed up.

Sam and Leo

Feeding the same twin twice
The boys were proper early morning milk guzzlers when they were little. One morning Sam woke up and my husband gave him his morning bottle of milk and popped him back in the cot before heading to work. I was half asleep at the time and clearly not paying attention. When Sam woke up I gave him what I thought was his first bottle of the day. I was really confused that he wasn’t very hungry. Poor Leo didn’t get anything and Sam got fed twice!

Baby group blunder
I took the twins to a local baby group when they were really little. This was a mission in itself. I think the effort of getting the boys fed, ready, into their pushchair and out of the house must have scrambled my mind a little bit. I introduced the boys to some other mums but as we were chatting I realised I’d got their names the wrong way round. I was too embarrassed to admit my mistake so carried on with the mix up until we left.

Loosing track of who is who
There were two days when the boys were very little when my husband got home from work and he told me I was calling the boys by the wrong names. At some point during the day I’d got the boys muddled up and had not realised. I had no idea at what point in the day I’d got mixed up. In my defence I was very tired and they did look particularly identical when they were newborns!

Hospital drama
I had a really stressful Saturday when the twins were nearly three (the full story of my is in this post Bowling and mishaps). We were really busy hosting my daughter, Sofia’s, seventh birthday party. Sam started to get really unwell as the day went on and we realised he had developed a really bad ear infection. My husband took him to the out of hours doctor to get some antibiotics. While this was happening I was had dinner with Leo and Sofia. I was just thinking how quiet it was with just three of us eating together. Suddenly Leo somehow managed to fallout of his high chair. He split his head open and we had to rush him to A&E. In all of the drama I managed to check Leo into A&E with Sam’s name. While waiting I realised my mistake and had to go to the reception desk and explain that I had got confused and had used the wrong child’s name. Very embarrassing!


13 thoughts on “Twin mistaken identity

  1. My grandma had little tricks when my mum and auntie were babies as they were identical but sometimes she also got them mixed up too! She made sure each had a bracelet with their name on it to limit this!
    Kizzy recently posted…Winter lightMy Profile

  2. He he, these made me smile! Can you imagine if you lost track of which one was which constantly and had no way of telling them apart!? They are super super cute! X

  3. Oh these stories are great!! So much fun although not so much for you and I’m very sorry for that but when you tell them is kind of funny!! I’m sure lots of mothers with twins get them mixed up. It must be hard to identify them some times especially when they are little. You are doing a great job! 🙂 xx
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  4. Oops. Sounds like it’s really difficult to tell them apart. I went to school with quite a few twins and even by the time I left I couldn’t tell the difference

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