Twin toilet traumas

The twins and toilets are driving me insane! Days out always seem to involve some kind of toilet issue.

How do you go to the loo with two babies in tow?
When my twins were very little I always had a conundrum when I was out and about and I needed the toilet. Most public toilets aren’t big enough for a twin pushchair and I didn’t want to leave them unattended while I went to the loo. I have occasionally had to ask helpful strangers to watch them for a second while I have a speed wee.

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Does anyone need a wee?
Now that the boys are older and potty trained I have some new toilet challenges. I must ask the kids all the time if they need the toilet 99 times out of 100 they will say no. I sound like a broken record!

When I’m out with the 3 kids on my own someone always seems to need the toilet – I spend so much time traipsing backwards and forward to the loo. The boys give me about 30 seconds notice that they need to pee. Their speciality is to wait until we are just about to have some food in a cafe and then pipe up “Mummy I need to do a poo!” The further away we are from the loo the more likely they are to need to urgently they need to go. Forget Usain Bolt the fastest runner in the world is a mum with a kid who is about to poop in their pants sprinting to the toilet.

The boys haven’t graduated from the potty to normal toilets yet. They also haven’t got to grips with peeing standing up behind a tree. I end up taking a potty in my bag everywhere – lovely!

Which toilet to use
Normal toilets are a logistical nightmare! The cubicles are way too small for me plus two kids. The boys get freaked out by the sound of hand dryers.

We love a family toilet! One that is big enough for me plus the twins and sometimes my daughter as well. We know where every family toilet is within a ten mile radius of our house! Incidentally the best one in Cambridge is on the third floor of John Lewis (hidden at the back of the furniture department).

Disabled toilet dilemmas
I always have a bit of a dilemma about whether it is okay to use a disabled toilet because we need extra space. Some are marked as disabled and baby change. I think that we can legitimately use these. However recently I had a horrible experience when I recently took the boys into a disabled/baby change loo. A woman in a wheel chair got really angry with us – shouting and banging on the door and telling us to get out. My boys got scared and started to cry. It all got a bit aggressive and upsetting.

We sometimes go into a regular disabled toilet – but I always feel a bit sheepish!

Hopefully we will grow out of our toilet issues soon. In the meantime I’m the woman sprinting backwards and forwards to the nearest facilities!

Does anyone else have toilet dilemmas with their little ones? Do you have any good suggestions to reduce my toilet troubles?!

3 thoughts on “Twin toilet traumas

  1. Before I leave the house I make them go to the loo, even going in there with them and saying let’s both try and see who can wee first!

  2. Just had your exact dilemma in the disabled toilets in M&S. Didn’t need the one baby changing room, as boys just out of nappies, both needed a wee at the same time, they HATE hand dryers, there was a massive queue for the ladies anyway…and I risked going in to one of the two disabled loos, (both empty at the time), so that we could all fit, not get double wees all over the floor and not get freaked out by dryers. However, came out to a tirade of abuse from a chap in a wheelchair. I did feel guilty and bad for him and immediately apologised to him, but was given no chance to explain myself, he just launched into really angry ranting, without listening to my side of the story. It’s really difficult, and I feel a bit shaken up by it.

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