The twins are starting school

Are you one of the hundreds of families with a child starting school in the next few days? The twins are starting school in a week’s time. Wow, where has the last 5 years gone?

We are in such a different place compared to when Sofia started school. My daughter started school just after her 4th birthday. She looked so tiny in her uniform. All her classmates looked so much older and taller. I was heavily pregnant with the twins, racing with hormones and emotions. I used a lot of tissues!

The boys seem ready for school. They were quite relaxed when they had their settling sessions. The boys’ birthday is in October so will be some of the older children in the class. The boys know some of the other children from their time at preschool. The boys are also veterans of hundreds of school runs!

Sam and Leo – is school ready for them?

There were so many moments of utter chaos in the twins early years. I mainly coped by taking things one day at a time. At really low points we just took things hour by hour. There were days when I didn’t think I could make it to bedtime. Seeing the boys dressed up in their slightly too big uniform makes me feel really proud. Look how far we have come! The boys early days in hospital being fed by nasal tubes seem a million years ago. We have survived the roller coaster of the twins baby and toddler years. It has been a bit of a white knuckle ride at times but we did it!

When Sofia started school everything was new to us. We didn’t know how things worked at school so we were all finding our way. This time round we know what is coming. I know how fun the school experience is going to be for the boys. I’m looking forward to them coming home excited from school trips. I can imagine them dressed as angels in the Christmas play. I know they will get grubby playing with their mates at playtime. I know that they are going to learn and grow so much. They will go from writing massive wobbly letters to writing stories. They will have book days and baking and hopefully some headteacher awards! Of course they will have challenges along the way. Days when they will get a bit frustrated but I know they will cope. Their brilliant big sister has shown us all that it will be fine.

Sofia’s first day of school

Of course I am a little bit nervous about how the boys will cope with the structure of school. Will they be able to sit still long enough to learn anything? Will they do what they are told? I hope they are able to rein in their energy and noisiness in the classroom. I’m also a little bit nervous about the logistics of getting 3 kids ready for school on time everyday. We’ve had such a lazy summer holidays I’m totally out of practice!

I’ll be honest I’m also feeling a bit relieved that the boys will be starting school. The last five years have been really full on. Once the boys are settled into their school routine I hope I’ll get a chance to take a step back, take stock and remember who I am! People keep asking me what I’ll do once the boys are at school. I think that with some child free time everyday I could actually change the world!

Let’s have a big group hug for everyone who will be seeing off their little ones to reception in the next few days. Good luck to our wonderful kids as they start their school adventures! I’ll have some tissues in my bag just in case but hopefully we’ll have some smiles too as I wave the twins goodbye.

3 thoughts on “The twins are starting school

  1. You are an inspiration for motherhood! So well written and a joy to read, as are all your blogs! Here’s to the boys settling well and some actual “me time” for you! Feel proud! Xx

  2. Well done! Reassuring to see your success story…it can be done. Totally agree with your day by day approach. That has helped me survive so far and I’m only 5 months in! ?

    1. Thank you Kate. Hang in there the early days are very intense but you’ll feel so proud to look back on them and see how far you’ve come. 6 months was quite a turning point for us.

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