Walk the Moon 2017

I love having a challenge on the go. This year I’ve signed up to do the Walk the Moon Half, Half Moon Challenge. This is a half marathon event raising money for Breast Cancer Causes. I saw an advert for the event in a magazine a couple of weeks ago and was instantly inspired to take part.

On the night of the 13th of May I’ll be in central London with two friends plus with hundreds of other people ready to Walk the Moon.

I’ve run a marathon and a half marathon in the past but these were a number of years ago. I haven’t done any long distance running for years but I love the idea of doing a walking event. I walk 4 to 6 miles everyday getting my kids too and from school and preschool. Being such a walker I think the Moon Walk will be right up my street.

Half Marathon Training
Today I dusted off my trainers to do my first big training walk. I chose a 10 mile route. 5 miles into Cambridge and back. The bonus was I got to have a very quick trip around into a couple of shops in town. It is always a treat to have a quick browse without my kids in tow!

Overall it went quite well. I realised that I need to wear my proper running trainers rather than my day to day trainers. I’m also going to invest in some double layer running socks to help prevent blisters. I will bring along my headphones next time so that I can listen to some motivating tunes when I am flagging. I had a few aches towards the end of the 10 miles but nothing too worrying.

To keep myself entertained I made a little video of my training walk. It is not brilliant quality (I forgot to film in landscape) but shows a little bit of the area that I was walking though. The stripey pavement that you can see is called the DNA path. Such a Cambridge thing to have a path celebrating genetics!

Body confidence challenge
The trade mark of the Walk the Moon Challenge is that you take part wearing a decorated bra. This year the theme is the Roaring Twenties. This is to celebrate 20 years of the Moon Walk Event. Now this is as much of a challenge for me as the walking. Having had 3 kids has left me with a few body image hang ups. The idea of being seen in public wearing a bra makes me feel a bit queasy! I am still trying to find peace with the over stretched and damaged skin on my stomach. I could just wear a T’shirt but I want to embrace the event to the full and face my body confidence fears.

My solution – I’m currently searching the internet for the perfect running leggings with a slightly high waist to cover my stomach skin issues. My secret weapon is going to be 1020’s style fringing. I’m trying to find some long fringing to customise my bra with. Hopefully a bit of fringing will help to hide my midriff!

I’ll post a little training update on my training and costume in the build up to the day. It would be amazing if you could sponsor me, I will be so grateful for any amount that you are able to donate.

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