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Roald Dahl
Roald Dahl

I decided to try out a little feature sharing my favourite quotes with you and where better to start than the fantastic Roald Dahl. This quote is taken from The Minpins which is one of the less well known Dahl books.

We stumbled across a copy at a jumble sale and we snapped it up (for 20p) and I’m so glad I did as it is such a great story with beautiful intricate illustrations.

I really love the way that my kids look at the world with wonder – my three year olds are amazed by ladybirds and clouds. I remember Sam’s face lighting up the first time her tasted chocolate.

My daughter is obsessed with everything magical (if you want a glimpse into her magic brain check out here idea of how a bank should work).

Try it out today – open your glittering eyes and you will find a little bit of ever day magic.

Do you have a favourite quote?  What are your words to live by?

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10 thoughts on “Watch with glittering eyes – wise words Wednesday

    1. Thanks Laura, we love Roald Dahl especially as his books are a bit mischievous. Minpins looks a bit different as it is illustrated very differently than the Quentin Blake pictures that you normally think of.

  1. I love seeing T’s reaction at discovering new things, it really is magical 🙂 You really can’t beat Roald Dahl, we have a set of his books that I’m really looking forward to reading with T when he’s a bit older, although I’ve just had a look and I’m a little disappointed that The Minpins isn’t part of the set- we’ll have to look out for it.
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  2. This is a lovely quote and not one I was aware of actually! I used to love Roald Dahl as a child and cant wait for Mia to be old enough to enjoy them too! It is very true that it is always the small unexpected things isn’t it?! 🙂


    1. Thank you for stopping by. If only I could get so excited by little things as my toddlers it would be great fun.

    1. Thank you I’ve got my thinking cap on for this Wednesdays quote. I would definitely recommend the Minpins it’s a lovely story.

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